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    Small Death Scene

    Just a small death scene I typed up involving Snap Bugs, an unlucky scientist, and a security guard.

    I watched as the scientist used his tools to try to open the creatures hard skin, but with no luck. Suddenly the creature seemed to begin moving, it fell off the table with a loud crash, and we feared it would set its sights on us, but something was not right. The creature quickly dropped back to the the ground after trying to stand up and there was a clear hole, in its back. The scientist walked forward, holding more tools than before each seeming more deadly than the other. He dropped them on the table and took one that seemed to be a large knife from the pile, and slowly walked to the now dead beast. Slowly, the scientist inserted the knife into the hole, but even with the entire knife inside, there was no sound of it making contact with flesh. The scientist backed away, dropping the knife. There was silence, until a loud "snap" was heard from the hole. With no time to react, the hole began ejecting bug like creatures, there had to be at least five of the disgusting things, covered the creatures blood and flesh. They looked at me, my blood ran cold, I took one step back towards the exit of the small lab, and they turned away. They then saw the scientist, with the large knife still next to his feat. The scientist slowly grabbed the knife, both him and the bugs were not looking away from one another. He then threw the knife, stabbing one in the back, but we watched as the knife melted away in the bug's blood. They all began making a loud snapping noise, much like the one heard from the dead creature's wound, and pounced the scientist, knocking him down. They then continued to rip his intestines out, blood covered the walls and floor near to the poor man. The bugs did not stop there, one by one, they entered the man's body, tearing it from the inside out, making it hollow, much like the last creature. It became obvious that these creatures were parasites, they lived in a host's body until they die, and then move onto another, but sadly, the scientist was too small to support such creatures, and died before they could settle in. One emerged from the corpse, and looked at me. I ran for the door and turned on the alarm for the lab, the door shut. The bugs simply clawed at the glass, with no success.

    I walked away, fearing this is only the beginning of the horrid things that will emerge from Black Mesa.

    The End.
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