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    Tetrahedron Terrains

    I noticed people here just post their ideas of terrains on plain triangles, mostly in way of prefabs and apparently hammer hacks.
    judging by lots of stuff done by triangles, theyre somewhat unreliable and rather ugly.

    Making terrains through tetrahedrons allow to almost any kind of vertical stretching and moving of the edges to shape terrain without invalid solid structure errors

    Since theres really good tutorial already, ill have to spare myself for trying to explain lot of shit where im definately not good at, im still learning this technique myself to make better mountains especially.

    i felt like doing this because what i see on the forums are all providing some sort of prefabs so people must not learn to do things from very beginning as should, so instead of downloading weird prefabs READ THIS FUCKING TUTORIAL NOW

    Couple of hints:

    -Use 96 x 96 x 32 sized brushes, i dont know if size mostly matters from personal experience but seems most authentic

    -Texture the bottom of the tetrahedron you cant see with BEVEL texture instead of null, found most accurately in zhlt wad of VHLT. im not entirely sure of how this works but i was told that its more optimized than null while working the same way, please inform me about this.

    -Texture the first tetrahedron brush with desired texture and turn texturelock off before copying it and to form a terrain

    -Never move the centered verticle on the bottom, otherwise invalid solid structure. you never need to touch the center verticle when shaping terrain with tetrahedron anyway

    Inspired by this shitty thread i made this, you can see how the verticles go. i might be little rusty

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    Re: Tetrahedron Terrains

    Cool, never used this method but maybe it would be a good time to update. ^^

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    Re: Tetrahedron Terrains


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