Thread: Incress max distance limit was free because it is not -/+16384 - just -/+30720

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    Incress max distance limit was free because it is not -/+16384 - just -/+30720

    Hello folks,

    i am testing with VHLT and i would like to move 4096³ Box with player and light.
    That is end of max distance limit is -/+30720. If you are buidling out from -/+30720 and VHLT compile to many of errors because you are out from -/+30720. That is correct. Enough we have nice place of map inside -/+30720.

    vluzacn's girdhack is -/+16384 and it is smaller than -/+30720.

    We need about girdhack for -/+30720. Is it possible? If you want develop some patch for Hammer? Thanks

    // EDIT:

    // Edit, i need to help sometimes.... :

    #I am using with visual Studio 2008 C++

    And how do i set up from -/+16384 to -/+30720 ?

    I don't know because i have tried because gird space would like to expand into -/+30720.
    And i will add with red lines for outside = It means You don't allow to move into outside of -/+30720.

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