Thread: Half-Life 2 turns 10! Sven Co-op releases SC2 build!

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    Half-Life 2 turns 10! Sven Co-op releases SC2 build!

    In 2004 Valve released the long awaited sequel to one of the most popular game franchises in history: Half-Life! Half-Life in its turn gave birth to incredible games and MODs such as our own little corner of the universe: Sven Co-op! Back in 2003 the first plans for a Source version of Sven Co-op were discussed and over the next 2 years SC released several work in progress shots of the upcoming SC2.


    With the anniversary of Half-Life 2 we really wanted to do something special for our fans. Today, on the first of the fourth month, we are releasing all content that was created for SC2 from 2003 to 2006! As a teaser we'd like to start off by showing you the extensive design document created to highlight the groundbreaking features of Sven Co-op II.

    Click to view the original Sven Co-op II design document!


    Next to showing you what we had in store for our players, we'd also like to release the very first build of Sven Co-op II. Please note that this version does not represent final quality and lacks certain features to make it work properly but you can get a feel for what we intended. Just unzip the files to your sourcemod folder and restart Steam.

    Download the early build of Sven Co-op II here! (revision 0401)

    We're confident that by opening the SC2 vault we were able to bring a little of SC2 to your doorstep!

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