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    [Player] TimeSplitters model collection.

    Click the icons to download.

    Good day everyone,

    You might already have noticed the few Time Splitters characters I've released already. Well I've made a few more.
    And figured that doing one thread for each of them is going to be a waste of time for everyone. So to make the things more simple, I've decided to make all the magic happen here.

    So, I've got a small list of Time Splitters characters I'm going to make for Sven Co-op. I will achieve them in series of 6 models (more or less related). I will make them available here througt those fancy little icons you've probably already noticed below. Just click on them to download the characters, once a serie is achieved, I will make a single download for it. This way I won't have to update the download link each time I release a model.

    I will update the thread each time a new model will be available.
    If you have any character request, please don't hesitate to let me know about it.

    Have fun with those.

    (Thanks to Timesplittersguru for his valuable help)
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