Thread: Trigger_setorigin, with a waterfall into a rising water level. (Syncing)

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    Trigger_setorigin, with a waterfall into a rising water level. (Syncing)

    Trigger_setorigin can be used to sync a waterfall that is flowing into a pool of water, where you want the Water level to rise.
    (The "Trigger" causing the water rise would normally be a trigger_once, based on a valve being opened, a wall breaking or whatever. Here a button has been used to "kick things off" for demonstration purposes.)

    Notes - In a real map:
    The func_door (see rmf) should have a render value of 0 (zero), so that it becomes invisible/hidden.
    Sprites have been coloured to make them easier to see. (Adjust "colour", "renderamt", "scale", "framerate" and amount of sprites to fit your map.)
    Additional waterfall sound files (.wav) can be found in the folder /svencoop/sounds/ambiance/ (Choose one and set radius of sound etc. to fit your map.)

    Attached: tso_waterfall.rmf and playable tso_waterfall.bsp files.

    PS: Hopefully the files are self-explanatory but if you have any questions, then here is a good place to Ask.

    PPS: If something does not work, textures don't appear, sounds do not sound, then complain/say so. (A file is missing or something.)

    EDIT: Updated the files with "origin brushes" and set the "Skip Inital Set" flag on the trigger_setorigin.
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