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    List of banned mail providers

    Due to the extraordinarily excessive amount of spam bots registering using Yahoo mailboxes, we have currently banned registrations with an email address on the "" domain. This does not include Yahoo mailboxes from other country TLD's (i.e.

    If you're already registered and have a "" email address you can keep using it as normal. We will not force you to change this, as you've already verified you're human.

    If you're trying to register a new account you will not be allowed to, and be shown the message "Registration has been rejected. High amounts of spam has come from your registration information.". In this case we would either recommend you register using a different email address not on "". If you don't have (or want) another email address to register with please contact us, and we can create an account on your behalf after verifying you're human. Make sure you tell us what username you would like! If you've already contacted us and we gave you this URL you need to reply with the username you'd like, and we'll create an account for you.

    Edit: 19/Aug/2016

    The following mail domains are currently banned from self-registration.

    There are a few more of which we will not accept any in form of registration.
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