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    Model replacement bugs

    I recently had the chance to do some thorough testing on model replacement (per-entity and with globalmodellist). Here's what I found:
    (Sorry I haven't made proper bug reports in the tracker... yet... maybe...)

    Issue #1:
    Using some models with some monsters will cause a crash, either immediately or after performing some action:
    • Nihilanth and Alien Controller crash with most models
    • Apache and Sentry crash if model has less than 2 bone controllers
    • p_weapons crash if the model uses a separate model for textures
    • p_weapons crash if the model is missing animation models (otisf01.mdl)
    • Many monsters will crash if replacement model is meant for another monster.

    See the attached text file for more cases.

    Issue #2:
    GMR can cause a crash if a replacement model has been replaced in the same file. Example:
    "models/w_grenade.mdl" "models/gman.mdl"
    "models/gman.mdl"      "models/islave.mdl"
    This will cause "Host no precache: islave.mdl" error. The order of lines doesn't matter. Using custom_precache does not fix the error.

    islave.mdl and gman.mdl can be any other model - w_grenade.mdl is causing the problem. So far I've only seen this happen with w_weapon models. Maybe something to do with w_svencoop_pickup.mdl?

    Issue #3:
    GMR can't find models with spaces in the file path (e.g. models/KscT/MasterChief Model/weapon/v_9mmAR.mdl). Entity-level replacement doesn't care about spaces.

    Issue #4:
    Sprites will crash the game if both of the following conditions are met:
    - The sprite format is "Normal" or "Additive"
    - The number of pixels of any frame (Width x Height) is not divisible by 4
    Credits to Keen for making the only sprite with these properties (oxy/dogfad.spr)

    Issue #5:
    After loading a lot of model/sprite textures (accumulated across level changes), the game will crash with this error: 'Texture Overflow: MAX_GLTEXTURES'. Can happen in as few as 2 map changes, depending on what models are used.

    Issue #6:
    After loading a lot of model replacements in general (accumulated across level changes) the game will crash with no error or "Alloc Block: Full". Happens about every 6-12 map changes with random models for each map. It's more like 20-40 map changes if all the GMR files are the same.
    edit: Tested this on a dedicated server and the error is "Cache_Free: not allocated"

    Issue #7:
    custom_precache will crash with certain models:


    Out of about 4000 models I tested, these were the only ones that caused a crash. What's so special about these?

    Issue #8:
    The game will crash with no error if you are 1 model under the model limit. If you're at or over the limit you get the nicer 512 models error message.

    Issue #9:
    monster_roach and monster_nihilanth ignore their model keyvalue. Their models can only be replaced via GMR.

    Issue #10:
    RES files contribute to the model limit, even if the listed items aren't models. So, if you list 512 sounds, the client will crash with a max precache error.
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    Re: Model replacement bugs

    Nice testing, nice finds!

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    Re: Model replacement bugs

    Pretty nice! Hope those bugs gets fixed someday. Also I noticed that spawning massive amount of models in-game (e.g. through env_shooter) make some of the invisible (they are not rendered), but they can still be heard (material sound of env_shooter is playing, so those models are physically still spawning). Game is finally crashing with no errors, and the mouse sensitivity won't revert to windows default.

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    Re: Model replacement bugs

    ^ I noticed that too. I think that has to do with the visible entity limit which is usually safe to exceed. I can spawn about 1000 models in a few seconds without crashing. Servers might react differently though.

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    Re: Model replacement bugs

    Idk why but for some reason model replacement doesn't work for me. No models in my game are replaced, no matter what config settings i change.

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    Re: Model replacement bugs

    Which models are you trying to replace?
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