hey I just wanted to let you guys know I know of at least 2 cases now where people have had unnessiarily long wait times to join our precious forums.

One had to wait a week for a verification email(really, a week?), and this other person who has tried to join the forums, got no verification email, emailed you guys and never got a response. he had to add me on steam to ask to join ragemap 3 due to his registeration problems. he did not check his spam folder in time as you will see, but he also tried to email you guys using the official forms and has gotten no response.

I figured you guys should know incase other people have tried to join the forums but were unable to due to these or other errors. Also can you please try to fix Verification emails going into SPAM folder in Gmail? that's probly prevented a lot of people from joining the forums

Thanks in advance, not trying to be a nit or mean, I just want everyone to be able to join the forums have a good time and contribute positively to our community

Keen: by the way you didn't
Keen: register with a YAHOO email
Keen: did you
Zadeon: no
Zadeon: gmail
Keen: ok cool, yahoo emails are banned now i guess because of spammers
Zadeon: ahaha
Keen: and you cheked your spam folders and such
Keen: for the svencoop verification?
Keen: it goes there sometimes
Keen: a lot of the time ,actually
Zadeon: hmm, let me check now
Keen: yeah would be good before i make the post about the problems kek
Zadeon: none in the last 30 days, gmail deletes them after that so it could have been sent a while back and I didn't notice :/
Zadeon: I did send another email a few days ago
Keen: where did you send it
Keen: which account
Zadeon: I used this with my current account http://forums.svencoop.com/sendmessage.php
Zadeon: account name is the same
Keen: ok mind if i mention your name in the post ?
Zadeon: sure
Keen: kk, posting
Zadeon: I mean I don't mind go ahead and post it
Keen: :3