Thread: How to use detailtextures in a professional manner

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    Re: How to use detailtextures in a professional manner

    Quote Originally Posted by w00tguy123 View Post
    I'd be interested to see how fast that area renders with normal 512x512 textures scaled down.
    I've never been able to use more than say 5 or so 512x512 textures in HL maps without the engine crashing when the map loads with ambiguous errors. The compile tools complain too with "larger than normal texture xyz."

    Quote Originally Posted by TrEmPlEr View Post
    Actually I was wrong about performance than, but tbh I never had a drop like you there.
    Tested on my 3,0 Duocore Intel + 8 gb ddr + radeon 9800 pro and I have only a difference of 4-5 fps
    And on my main pc 4,0 ghz Intel quadcore i7 + 16 gb ddr + gtx970 none.
    ( I made the screenshots with my girlfriends computer: 3,0 Quadcore Intel, 8 gb ddr , gtx 660. )
    You've made a large error in assuming that AMD and Intel hardware will perform exactly like on your Nvidia cards. It's been known for over a decade that later ATI and AMD GPUs, along with Intel parts have severe problems rendering in the HL engine. If you want to make maps that work on all three card vendors, you can't force the use of detail textures, you can never use styles lights and the obvious is to keep the w_poly count as low as possible.

    The Radeon 9800 doesn't count because it was released in 2003, and based on older hardware which was around when HL1 was still popular. ATI back then did lots of work to make their hardware work right with HL1 engine games, and the Radeon 9800 as a result works fine with it. That is of course if you're using the correct driver version, as later driver bundles broke much of the performance features of the card.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solokiller View Post
    Once we've switched to shaders detail textures should be much more performant. They're basically highly detailed decals, so rendering them is a matter of drawing alpha multiplied RGB data. A shader can do that in a very efficient way.
    I'd much rather the dev team focus on fixing styles lights than a bolted on hack like detail textures. Styles lights cause severe performance issues on AMD and Intel GPUs and can't be turned off by the client like detail textures can. Styles lights can be disabled by the client with the cvar "r_dynamic 0", but this cvar has the cheat flag and can only be used with sv_cheats set to 1.

    Disabling styles lights only has two major drawbacks, switchable lights will always be on and flashlights won't work. Other styles lights like flickering/fading lights also won't work, but most of the time they're being used incorrectly and look awful, so they can be ignored.

    If the fix on the rendering engine is going to be months/years away, please make r_dynamic a non-cheat cvar so we don't have to suffer the game locking up every time someone turns a light on.

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    Re: How to use detailtextures in a professional manner

    We're going to have to deal with detail textures and light styles at the same time when we upgrade the renderer, no avoiding that.
    We'll look into making r_dynamic a non-cheat cvar.

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