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    Vluzacn's ZHLT v34 Update


    This release is mostly bug-fixes, so I think this version will be quite stable.

    ---- Added full support for 64-bit Windows and Linux
    To build the Linux version, use the "make" command to compile the source code into binaries and copy the binaries to the "tools" folder.
    Here is the list of how Linux version is different from the Windows version:
    1) There is no '-estimate' option. Estimate mode is on by default. Use '-noestimate' to turn off the estimate mode.
    2) The number of CPU threads cannot be automatically detected. The user should always specify '-threads #' through command line, otherwise it's default to 1 thread.
    3) hlcsg always assumes the .map file is exported with UTF-8 encoding. So there's no need to convert the game_text message into UTF-8 encoding, so the '-notextconvert' option is removed.
    4) Linux doesn't support Windows console window, so the '-console #' is removed.
    5) ripent doesn't have '-pause' option.
    6) Log files will use Linux new-line character instead of Windows new-line character.
    The tools has been tested on 64-bit RedHat Linux, but it's possible that it cannot run on certain Linux or certain machines. The tools will try to detect certain cases and display errors such as "internal error: CalcFaceExtents_test failed".

    ---- When 'zhlt_embedlightmap' is set to 1, you can use 'zhlt_embedlightmapresolution' to lower the resolution of the new textures and reduce the space used.
    For example, set 'zhlt_embedlightmapresolution' to 4 will make the generated textures 4x blurrer(in each direction) than the original texture.
    Usually 4 is a good value. Other available values are 1(default), 2, 4, 8, 16.

    ---- hlcsg will now report the bad brush before hlrad run into the "Texture axis perpendicular" and "Bad surface extents" errors.

    ---- Now the mapper can specify the brush to display when two brushes have overlapping faces in the same plane.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	faceoverlap.png 
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    To do this, first make sure the two brushes are in the same detail level. Then in the properties of func_detail, give them different values of 'zhlt_coplanarpriority'("Priority when faces overlap").

    ---- Added an option to enable the old look of texlights.
    This is to solve a very specific light bleeding problem as shown in the picture. The problem occurs when a thin texlight is connected to the middle of a wall.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	texlightgap.png 
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ID:	16258
    The light on the left is the default one which has the bleeding problem.
    The light on the right is set to have a texlight gap of width 12.0, which means to push the light away from the surface for 12.0 texture pixels.
    To add the gap, set the value of '_texlightgap'("Dark gap in front of texlight") in the properties of light_surface entity. Alternatively, you can set it globally with hlrad parameter '-texlightgap #'.

    ---- Fixed two potential bugs in zhlt_embedlightmap

    ---- Fixed one potential bug in hlbsp FixBrinks

    ---- Fixed an issue that makes hlrad slow when opaque entities with transparency or toggleable shadow are used on a large scale.

    ---- Fixed an issue in the bounced light that occasionally cause the light on one patch to bleed too far.
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