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    Advanced Light Management

    Hi guys!
    Today I'm presenting you new (14th) tutorial in Sven Co-op Manor- Advanced Light!

    List of contents:
    • Compile Commands and Processes
      • Both ZHLT and Vluzacn's commonly used commands
      • Images of different commands parameters values

    • Batch file for custom compiling (suggested by TrEmPlEr)
    • ZHLT Keyvalues
      • Light origin
      • Light level
      • Lightflags
      • Custom shadow
      • Collision and visibility
      • Fading and falloff

    • Blocking Different Types of Objects
    • Global Lightning Appearance (global_light_control)
    • Advanced Texlights (light_surface)
    • Multiple/Switchable light_environments ('-noskyfix' detailed explanation)
    • Mirror Floor Trick (suggested by TrEmPlEr)
    • Toggleable Shadows and Light Bouncing on Opaque Entities (light_shadow, light_bounce)
    • Light Smoothing Control on Specified Textures (info_smoothvalue)
    • Shadow Spreading in Exterior Areas ('_spread' keyvalue)
    • Brightness of Transparent Textures (Embed Lightmaps)
    • Translucent Effect (info_translucent)
    • Decrease Light Fading Ratio on Textures (info_angularfade)
    • Custom Lightning for Models (usage of 'black_hidden' texture)
    • Priority of Overlapping Faces
    • Overview Point (info_overview_point)

    See a tutorial here.

    Based on newest Vluzacn's Compile Tools- contains most of features (~90%), some of the explained more detailed, some of them less. Hope that will help you understand more about light!
    Have Fun Mapping!

    Oh, an yes, don't forget to check other tutorials!
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