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    Configuring survival mode

    To configure survival mode for your server, the following CVARs can be entered into your listenserver.cfg or server.cfg (dedicated server):

    mp_survival_mode - Default Survival mode state (enabled by default - if the map supports it). Set this to '0' to default survival mode 'off' for all maps that support it.

    mp_survival_voteallow - If set to '1', players are allowed to vote to enable or disable survival mode on maps that support it. The vote is located in the in-game command menu underneath the classic mode vote button. If set to '0', players cannot vote to enable or disable survival mode on any map that supports it.

    mp_survival_retries - Number of retries before "next map" vote starts. (-1:infinite). When all players are dead, the map will restart this many times before the server opens a vote to either skip the map or restart. This is set to '3' by default.

    mp_survival_minplayers - Number of players needed to start Survival mode. Survival mode will not turn on unless the required minimum player count is met. This is set to '1' by default, so survival mode will not start unless one person is connected to the server.

    Additionally, server operators can use the console command 'toggle_survival_mode' to toggle survival mode on/off at any time for maps that support it.
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