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    [Plugin] Simple trail

    Simple trail plugin for angelscript

    • hidechat 0/1 - Hide player chat when executing trail command
    • silence 0/1 - Silent plugin - only print to user instead of everybody
    • trailsize 1-255 - trail size
    • trailduration 0.1-25.5 - trail duration in seconds
    • trailalpha 1-255 trail alpha
    • trailsprite (spritename eg. voice, xbeam3) default sprite name

    (to change cvars either write this in console or write it in your server.cfg: as_command strail.hidechat 0/1 or as_command strail.silence 0/1 or any other cvar)

    • say trail off - turns trail off
    • say trail (color or colored sprite) <optional: sprite name> - turns trail on
    • say trail menu - show trail menu (select both sprite and/or color)

    Default color list:
    • red
    • orange
    • yellow
    • lime
    • green
    • turquoise
    • cyan
    • blue
    • purple
    • pink
    • white

    Default sprite list:
    • fatline
    • thinline
    • voice
    • smokey
    • lightning
    • interlace

    Adding custom colors:
    Open up /scripts/plugins/Zode/colors.txt and add your colors there.

    Adding custom sprites:
    Open up /scripts/plugins/Zode/trailsprites.txt and add your sprites there.
    you don't need to add custom sprites to the map's .res file, they should be automatically downloaded to the client.

    Remove any previous installation of SimpleTrail
    Download & extract to /Sven co-op/svencoop_addons/scripts/plugins/
    edit your default_plugins.txt and add (or modify if you have previous installation) this in:
            "name" "SimpleTrail"
            "script" "Zode/SimpleTrail"
            "concommandns" "strail"
    Type as_reloadplugins in your server console & change level to precache sprites.


    Download: -removed, see attachments-
    edit: fixed up plugin, it now works properly under linux

    heres 4 custom sprites because why not: -removed, see attachments-
    extract to svencoop_addons and add this to plugins/Zode/trailsprites.txt
    sprites/zode/trails/squarewave.spr squarewave 0
    sprites/zode/trails/arrows.spr arrows 0
    sprites/zode/trails/point.spr point 0
    sprites/zode/trails/svenlogo.spr svenlogo 0
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