Thread: How do you set up HUDTextParams?

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    Question How do you set up HUDTextParams?

    PHP Code:
    g_PlayerFuncs.HudMessagepPlayerHUDTextParams(), "This is some text" ); 
    Leaving that line as-is does work, the text appears on the center of the screen (center of crosshair actually... it's kinda ugly) for a short while and that's it. I try inputting some numbers inside HUDTextParams to change the appearance, but it causes the script to fail.

    Either I can't understand what the documentation says, or I'm missing something obvious. On any case, I honestly have no clue how you are supposed to use this. Mind giving me a quick example?
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    Re: How do you set up HUDTextParams?

    You're supposed to set the properties on an instance of the class. Check the documentation for the type. You can find the documentation here.

    The properties are the same as those used by game_text.

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