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    [SC 5.x] Clear Sky Faction

    Hello again.

    Been a long time since I released something. With that said, this might be my last release.
    Anyway, thanks to the wonderful people you see in credits, I'm finally able to present Clear Sky faction models from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky (obviously) for SC.
    This pack only includes generic faction models. Special characters (Lebedev, Kalancha and Cold) aren't there.

    Download here.

    GSC Game World

    Known issues:
    - CS-2 - vest clipping through upper arms while holding one-handed firearms, knees bent sideways
    - CS-3 - lower arms bent sideways, knees bent sideways, weapons not quite in his hands
    - all models - crotch sticking down while crouching and crawling

    I apologize for these issues, but unfortunately I'm unable to fix them.

    EDIT: Feet were sinking through the ground, fixed now.
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    I miss you so much, dear!

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