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I really want to know your reason for duplicating so MANY default files into a different path when the files are not even custom ones.
For example:
buttons/lever1 to 4 moved into AoMDC/buttons
buttons/spark1 to 6 moved into AoMDC/buttons
music/4motherdavidhe.wav duplicated in AoMDC/music
music/4motherkill.wav duplicated in AoMDC/music
music/cityz22.wav duplicated in AoMDC/music
Why not just use AoMDC/find_note.wav instead of duplicating it into misc/checkpoint.wav?

This is so poorly done.
Duplications can happen if you edit maps for years like Zorbos did, if you would kindly read the description. But thanks for pointing the duplication tho, this can be fixed on v3.1.

also, If i remember correctly, the the default unlocked code for 'latched', it will run either latchunlocked1 or latchunlocked2. Its the same in the original if you actually take a look.

And please, there is no need to complain.

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It's great to finally see a conversion for this! I never thought it would happen.

I have a couple of nitpicks though:
- The pistols don't fire nearly as fast as they do in the original mod (where you could pretty much fire as fast as you could click).
- All the weapons were nerfed a little too hard imo (or monster health is too high?). The deagle does like 15% of the damage it did in the original.

Maybe the above things were done to make the maps harder, but it just feels bad to me. I'd rather there just be low ammo counts and lower health or something to balance for multiplayer.
The weapons damaged will be tuned up on v3.1. They weren't supposed to be shitty/nerfed ^^; And I could try to re-work the pistol fire time so it fires a bit faster.