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    Deathrun for Sven coop and HLDM

    Hi to all!

    Welcome to the revolutionary new concept of Deathrun.

    In the trashmaps you will find in garrys mod and similar you can only activate the traps once, and having died you can no longer play as a runner.

    The tower system values the player with more skill giving him the opportunity to control the traps.

    The design of the map implies an inverse difficulty curve, at the begining is very difficult to pass and the traps are very effective; As you progress on the map the tower controller has more and more difficulties in getting his opponents eliminated.

    Once finished the circuit and having defeated the owner of the tower we will magically ascend in a platform that will teleport us towards the tower, being now the head of the tower.

    Thanks Keeshan for encouraging me to upload and improve the map description.

    Here is the deathrun already tested and polished.

    Working now in the version 4 of it.


    Friend Keeshan: Life is like the train on this map; You travel with people for a time in your life, when you stop at a station there are people stepping down, and the train continues.
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    Re: Deathrun for Sven coop and HLDM

    Not true, the map is ready to play, the traps are all working great.

    Play it more and you will see.

    Description done, nut hair has blossomed.
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    Re: Deathrun for Sven coop and HLDM

    Looks interesting. Is there anywhere I can play this?

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    Re: Deathrun for Sven coop and HLDM

    Are there any mirrors of this? The google drive says I need to request access.

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    Re: Deathrun for Sven coop and HLDM

    Search name: deathrun_droide3_svencoop
    or file:
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