First I want to say what a great release this version of Sven co-op is I'm really happy how well it turned out. The gameplay feels smooth and polished and lots of people are playing the game. I just have one issue. Since 4.0 the weapons and npc's were replaced by new higher quality models. While I miss the old ones this is probably fueled a bit by nostalgia but I really think the current mp5 is bad. The firing is sound is really loud and high pitched and coupled with the higher rate of fire and smaller magazine really gives it an unsatisfying feel. There was nothing wrong the old one it was fine so I don't see why you changed it. I know there is classic mode but you can't do that on every server or map so could you maybe give an option for some to turn on the classic mp5 or just revert to the old mp5 style entirely? I really don't see how the current one is an improvement. Also an option to have the old shotgun alternate fire mode would be nice too.

The other issue is the SAW. I feel the rate of fire is far too low when you look at how much ammo you have. Maybe an idea to increase the rate of fire. These are just suggestions I hope people can understand these issues.

Thanks for the release of 5.0 I'm really enjoying it.