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    [READ FIRST] Frequently Asked Questions, MANY SOLUTIONS HERE!

    Hello everyone!

    The purpose of this topic is to make the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions easily available in one place.
    We will be expanding as needed.

    This is a based of Homosapien's excellent FAQ thread from the discussion boards on our Steam game hub.

    Q: Do I need a copy of Half-Life installed to play Sven Co-op 5.0?

    A: Nope, version 5.0 is a fully standalone game!

    Q: Is this game really free?

    A: Yes, the game is completely free and will remain so.

    Q: Are you hyped about the Steam release?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Will I be able to play the game under Linux?

    A: The current Linux client is in a very alpha state. While you can try to use it, do not expect it to work well, and do not expect much support for it. We know it's unfinished. There is currently no official indication that Sven Co-op is Linux compatible on Steam's store because of this.

    Q: How about Mac then? Can I play it on that?

    A: Compatibility with Mac in the future is certainly something we have discussed, but at this point it's little more than a plan.

    Q: Will there be workshop support?

    A: This is definitely on the roadmap, but for now custom maps can be obtained and published on a community site SC Map Database.

    Q: Will there be trading cards, achievements and emoticons?

    A: We've been so hard at work on the actual game, that allocating manpower for something like this hasn't been a priority. It's ulikely that any of this will be implemented.

    Q: Will there ever be a Sven Co-op: Source?

    A: No. Sven Co-op will never be running under the Source engine.

    Q: I found a bug!

    A: Great stuff! Please share it with us here. Please search for your bug first though as there is a good chance someone else may have already reported it. If you find an existing thread for the same issue it is always better to post in an existing thread than start a new one.

    Q: I'd like to set up a game server, how do I do this?

    A: There's a fairly extensive step-by-step guide on hosting servers available here. Server configuration guide here.

    Q: I'm a server operator, can I install AMXMODX on my 5.0 server?

    A: Yes. Firstly you will need to grab Metamod-P recompiled to work with our game here.

    This is still work in progress, so use at your own discretion. Then simply install AMXMODX on top like you normally would.

    No support from the Sven Co-op team for problems with Metamod or similar plug-ins. You must contact the team responsible for 3rd party projects to get support.

    Q: I'm running my own server, how can I disable survival mode in HLSP?

    A: Add the following line to your server configuration file (typically server.cfg or listenserver.cfg found in the game base content directory):

    as_command survival_enabled 0

    Q: Where can I read about all the new changes, features and fixes specific for 5.0?

    A: The full change log for version 5.0 can be found here. Change logs for future versions will be posted on our website news.

    Q: I'm a veteran and have noticed that some maps previously shipped with the mod aren't included in version 5.0 :'(

    A: Some maps had to be left out for the official Steam release. The maps that have been cut between 4.8 and 5.0, many of which have received updates, will be released seperately in a map pack later on.

    Q: I like what I'm seeing. Can I support the development of the game somehow?

    A: Thank you. We have a page set up regarding donations here.

    Q: I've donated in a previous version of Sven Co-op, will I still have my bonuses in version 5.0?

    A: Of course! We sincerely appreciate your support, and your donator status will follow you in the game forever.

    Q: How can I try out the newest unreleased / bleeding edge changes?

    A: To do this you need to switch your Steam game over to the "release_candidate_public" branch. To do this:

    1. Open the properties for Sven Co-op in Steam. (Right-click.)
    2. Click the Betas tab.
    3. Choose release_candidate_public in the drop down menu.
    4. Click Close.

    You will shortly see an update being downloaded. (This doesn't take long.) You will also see the name of this branch present beside the game title in your Steam library.

    To do this for a standalone servers you will need to include this string in your SteamCmd line:

    +"app_update 276060 validate -beta release_candidate_public"

    Simply change the same drop down menu to NONE to get back on the mainstream release. (Servers: Just remove the "-beta" switch.)


    Q: I get a black screen when starting OR the game runs but doesn't fit the resolution of my monitor

    A: In the game launch parameters under properties in your Steam games library, append the following:

    -gl -w 1920 -h 1080 -full


    Q: How do I change the Field of View (FOV)?

    A: Enter the following line in the developers console:

    default_fov Number

    Default value is 70

    Q: I'm getting a couple thousand millisecond ping times in online play and/or get dropped with a "Reliable channel overflowed" message, help!

    A: Try increasing the amount of network traffic allowed to pass through your client over a certain amount of time, by entering the following line in the developers console:

    rate 50000

    The limit is 100000, which means a maximum of 100,000 bytes/second (97.65625 kBytes/second).

    Alternatively you can add that as a line in your custom user configuration file (userconfig.cfg) found in the game base content directory.
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