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    Chat Sounds

    Description: If the first word typed to the in-game chat matches a key of a g_SoundList entry, the sound will be played with a medium radius around the players origin (just like the medic call). I think this is more cool and less annoying than alike amxx plugins who play the sound for everyone everywhere. In g_SpriteName you can set a sprite which appears for 2sec over the players head when he is playing a sound. To prevent spamming g_Delay is the time in ms a player has to wait becore he can play a new sound. Custom sounds do work and are downloaded+precached by the client on connect. Don't overdo it lol.

    Console commands: .listsounds (dumps all available triggers to console)

    Add to: svencoop/default_plugins.txt
                    "name" "ChatSounds"
                    "script" "ChatSounds"
    Add to: svencoop_addon/scripts/plugins/ChatSounds.txt (example file. syntax: trigger path/in/sound/folder/file.mp3)
    hello scientist/hello.wav
    move hgrunt/move!.wav
    yay cards/yay.ogg
    yees scientist/yees.wav
    Download & Save as: svencoop_addon/scripts/plugins/
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