An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Code: Game library

  • Fixed the map vote class no longer adding maps to the list.
  • Map votes started using maps pulled from the map cycle now work properly.
  • Fixed crash when starting on Windows XP or 2003.
  • Fixed the static donor list being iterated every time a donor feature was checked if an on-line look-up failed.
  • Particle offsets can now be specified for attachment-based muzzle sprites, in the muzzle-sprite definition file.
  • Property "onground" of each player is now transferred to clients.

Code: Engine

  • Fixed a crash when creating a custom entity class not present in the game library.
  • Fixed engine loading the client game library twice.
  • Fixed crash when starting on Windows XP or 2003.

Code: Sound

  • Added a log message to the sound engine so that when the server fails to write the sound cache, it reports the error.
  • Fixed issue where unsigned integer overflow would result in an access violation in the materials lookup code.

Code: Non-playable characters

  • [Houndeye] They now wake up properly again.
  • [Scientist] Fixed not being able to guide scientists when they have a classification allied to players.

Code: Equipment

  • Fixed not being able to pick up items when only the "Use Only" flag is set.



  • [HL C04] Fixed "no spawn points available" error after players arrive in the bunker.
  • [HL C13 A4] Made the map correctly restart when the scientist running the portal generator gets killed, instead of players constantly respawning and exploding instead of the map changing when survival mode was turned off.
  • [HL C17] Triggered the multi_manager that ends the map directly, instead of relying on cryptic Nihilanth code to teleport a single player to the end-of-map trigger.

Single Player Campaign Portal

  • Added text to the campaign doors telling the player the area is locked by cvar or not installed.


  • [Part 1] Re-compiled map with full lighting. (Partial compile got slipped in by mistake!)


They Hunger

  • [Civilian] Fixed the Civilian being invisible in one of the early They Hunger maps.


  • [Survival] Added a newline at the end of the Survival mode enabled message.



  • Added variable "onground".


  • [CSG map tool] Removing the ability to not null "AAATRIGGER" textures because there's little reason to render those.
  • [VIS map tool] Added a check that causes BasePortalVis to trigger an error if the requested portal buffer size exceeds the maximum size.
  • [VIS map tool] Increased the "max_portals" limit to 131,072 from 32,768.


  • Reduced grenade damage. (Updated to correspond with various AI/gameplay improvements related to grenades.)

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1005159, dedicated server tool 1005161, SDK tool 1005162.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.