Is angelscript able to combine some monster's ability to one and make a brand new monster??

Because I image this....


Because I have noticed some its abilities were similar to HL1's monsters' abilities.

1. Melee attack:
Antlion has a sharp feet as a sickle , and Pitdrone has it too ,so antlion's close melee attack and on the ground moving animation will use the Pit Drone's melee and walking AI.

2. Dash jump attack:
Antlion can use a flying dive attack , this abilities look like a headcrab use a longer range jump attack, so this ability will use headcrab's jump attack AI.

3. Flying movement:
Antlion can fly but it look like a curve line , no HL1 monster use this no no thats why I think Shock Trooper could be one of it.

Because Shock Trooper has one ability : throw spore grenade , the spore grenade throw in curve line , and its accuracy is very high and detect player's any position , even it hit you when you are hiding a wall.

If antlion use shocktrooper's abilites but throw itself to sky as antlion want to be the spore grenade , and landing perfectly at player's position , as shock trooper throw spore grenade to your face , even you don't know where he was.

END of concept.

I have more imagination of antlion worker & antlion guard's abilities , but I will explain later.