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    Achievements cancelled :-(

    Our announcement of the addition of achievements to Sven Co-op was met with so much enthusiasm that the development team decided to pull an all-nighter and think up way more cool and fun achievements for you and your friends!

    Earlier this morning we finally reached the ultimate achievement:

    When we compiled all those achievements into our latest Beta build and loaded up the game, it completely crashed. It seems we achieved the unachievable: too many achievements for the game to handle. There was no other choice than to scrap the work we did and go back to the drawing board. Thus, sadly, the announced achievements will not be featured in the upcoming version of Sven Co-op. We figured that merely enjoying yourself while playing Sven Co-op might fill our players with enough sense of achievement already!

    PS. April Fools

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    Re: Achievements cancelled :-(

    Oh no you joke us it is not April fools it is April 3th 2016.
    Hello guys, Svencoop. I am sorry Please respect me! I am deaf. Thanks, Sven-Coop Forum!

    Please do not share to shit dropbox! Please share only!
    Muhahaha, Facebook crashed!

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    Re: Achievements cancelled :-(

    Hola , mucha gente de steam pide que Sven Co-op Es el mejor juego pero le falta el Workshop todos dicen que si sven coop tuviera workshop seria mejor con mods,skins,mapas etc Gracias

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    Re: Achievements cancelled :-(

    I personally figured it out when you showed the gargantua with the bullets one, but until then you got me :P
    Jokes aside, i think it would be fun to have some achivements (like Black Mesa has)

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