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    Standard Crate [Custom Weapons] All Counter-Strike Weapons.

    I present to you the full port of all Counter-Strike weapons (including the knife) to Sven Co-op in the Angelscript language.

    • Knife (weapon_csknife)
    • Glock-18 (weapon_csglock18)
    • Deagle (weapon_csdeagle)
    • Dual Berettas (weapon_dualelites)
    • Five-Seven (weapon_fiveseven)
    • USP (weapon_usp)
    • P228 (weapon_p228)
    • TMP (weapon_tmp)
    • MAC-10 (weapon_mac10)
    • MP5 (weapon_mp5navy)
    • P90 (weapon_p90)
    • UMP-45 (weapon_ump45)
    • FAMAS (weapon_famas)
    • Galil (weapon_galil)
    • Ak-47 (weapon_ak47)
    • M4A1 (weapon_m4a1)
    • SG552 (weapon_sg552)
    • AUG (weapon_aug)
    • Scout (weapon_scout)
    • AWP (weapon_awp)
    • G3SG1 (weapon_g3sg1)
    • SG550 (weapon_sg550)
    • M249 (weapon_csm249)
    • M3 Shotgun (weapon_m3)
    • XM1014 (weapon_xm1014)
    • High Explosive Grenade (weapon_hegrenade)
    • C4 (weapon_c4)

    All of them with their features similiar to 1.6 style.
    All of them include their own ammo (5.56 ammo is shared with weapons that use 5.56 with the exception of the m249 and so on)
    Some of them have cs as pre-fix to prevent name conflicts.

    Video made by VitorHunter

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. Registering the weapons as plugins (Good for server operators, and most people):
      1. Download the pack from one of the download links below
      2. Extract it's contents inside Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop_addon\
      3. Open up default_plugins.txt located in Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop\
      4. Add these lines to the file:
        		"name" "Counter Strike 16"
        		"script" "../maps/cs16/cs16register"
      5. Load any map of your preference;
      6. Type in chat \buy or type in console give *name of the weapon* and enjoy.

    2. Registering the weapons as map_scripts (Good for map makers):
      1. Download the pack from one of the download links below
      2. Extract it's contents inside Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop_addon\
      3. Open up any map .cfg (i.e: svencoop1.cfg) and add this line to it:
        map_script cs16/cs16register
      4. Load up the map you chose;
      5. Type in chat \buy or type in console give *name of the weapon* and enjoy.

    -A very big shout out to SoloKiller for giving me all the support and helping me understand more of the programming things
    Also a very big thanks to all people that helped me test and also gave me some support on the forums

    -I would also like to request the developers to add functions to call for a scoped tunnel vision similiar to 1.6 when zooming.
    And a way to fix 'uzis' player animation set for other weapons.

    -Ammo entities for mappers:
    ammo_cs_556 (Shared by weapon_m4a1, weapon_galil, weapon_famas, weapon_aug, weapon_sg552 and weapon_sg550);

    ammo_cs_762 (Shared by: weapon_g3sg1, weapon_ak47 and weapon_scout);

    ammo_cs_338lapua (For weapon_awp);

    ammo_cs_50ae (For weapon_csdeagle);

    ammo_cs_556box (For weapon_csm249);

    ammo_cs_buckshot(Shared by weapon_m3 and weapon_xm1014);

    ammo_cs_9mm (Shared by weapon_csglock18, weapon_mp5navy, weapon_tmp and weapon_dualelites);

    ammo_cs_fn57 (Shared by weapon_p90 and weapon_fiveseven);

    ammo_cs_357sig (For weapon_p228);

    ammo_cs_45acp (Shared by weapon_usp, weapon_mac10, weapon_ump45).

    -If you're hosting this in dedicated server it will lag, because everything is being predicted by the server, not the game, so you will see most of the animations with lag when having 200+ ping.
    -KaLo made a stadium3 ripent that uses most of the weapons and ammo. You can download it here.
    -He also made re-skins for my weapons base. You can access it here.

    If you find any glitches please report them in this threat.

    Update 2.1:
    ***WORKAROUND: Due to the game not being able to play Schedules in the Holster() functions anymore, a temporary fix is to not let the players drop weapons
    That means you'll not be able to drop the: HE Grenade, and the C4
    Unfortunately nothing else was updated prior to this release. There is a code rewrite in the making and planned for release after 5.16. Stay tunned.

    Update 2.0:
    -Support for 5.11 API;
    -Added weapon_c4 (Thanks Nero! Also D.N.I.O. 071 for the new playermodel with the backpack);
    -Added cs16.fgd for mappers (Thanks R4to0!);
    -Brought back DestroyItem() to HE Grenade;
    -Changed all names of the ammo entities (they're on the Notes section, and again mappers, remember to change the name of the entities on your maps if you previously used them);
    -Changed the whole folder structure to a more organized one (Mappers, remember to change your structure as well in case you used them);
    -Numerous fixes about Holster;
    -Empty Sounds are now played on CHAN_AUTO, fixes shoot sounds being stopped;
    -Fixed draw sound on MAC10;
    -Changed shotgunshell.mdl to use hlclassic (included in the 5.11 update);
    -Removed unused knife viewmodel;
    -Changed knife's worldmodel (Thanks D.N.I.O. 071!);
    -Fire in the hole!

    Update 1.9:
    -Fixed glitch related to the knife and Holster();
    -Optimized code for shared ammo;
    -Fixed bug related to the HE Grenade (Thanks DavidBlack);
    -HE Grenades timer will only start after being thrown (Similiar to CS1.6's grenades);
    -Increased HE Grenade's throw speed;
    -Decreased recoil (punchaim) for Glock-18.

    Update 1.8:
    -Optimized compatibility with WW2 and various other weapons;
    -Bullets now eject from the same direction as in CS1.6;
    -Increased FOV in AUG/SG552 to the same value as in CS1.6;
    -Changes to recoil in some weapons;
    -Scoping in will now slow your speed, like in CS1.6.

    Update 1.7:
    -Pistols now are trully semi automatic (Thanks Julcoool).
    -You can now pick up the same weapon_hegrenade from the ground as ammo (Thanks fgsfds).
    -Optimization for the code (It no longer uses a bunch of enums).
    -Added CS1.6 original shells to each weapon.
    -Added updated Buy Menu Script (Just type buy/buy <weapon> and happy buying).

    Update 1.6:
    -Fixed Knife auto attacking again.
    -Increased range for first attack for the knife to 47 units (was 32).
    -Increased range for the second attack for the knife to 37 units (was 32).
    -Changed how stuff gets precached (It'll get precached inside the weapon class, preventing crashes).
    -Changed how dual berettas handles player animations (Thanks Babylon).
    -Added missing models in the .res files.

    Update 1.5.3:
    -Fixed Knife auto attacking something (wall or npc) when hitting nothing.

    Update 1.5.2:
    -Fixed typos in Famas and Mac-10 Sounds (Was trying to precache famas-clipin/mac10_clipin1 when they didn't exist).

    Update 1.5.1:
    -Removed y axis in punchaim in the AK-47.
    -Fixed He Grenades not having sprites (Hopefully).
    -Fixed Knife Primary Attack and Secondary Attack timings.

    Update 1.5:
    -Scoped weapons have more innacuracy when not scoped.
    -Added more punches in the AK-47 (Recoil is more difficult to control).
    -Added HE Grenades (They have their own custom ammo [weapon_hegrenade] because it will conflict with the weapon_handgrenade. Also included in the .res file).

    Update 1.4:
    -Fixed script not being to load (awp leftover code).
    -Fixed M3 ammo glitching with 9mmparab ammo.
    -Added ammo models for the weapons (included in the .res file)

    Update 1.3:
    -Added the XM1014 Models.
    -Checked code for missing files and sprites.

    Update 1.2:
    -Now silencers do have a reason!
    -Changed names so that they don't conflict with other stuff.
    -Removed 'Nova Pasta'.
    -Some updates in the codes for pistols and weapons that uses multiple shooting sounds.

    Dropbox 4.5 mb .7z
    Mega 4.5 mb .7z
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