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    [SC 5.x] SSP-99 & SSP-99M

    Hi there mates.

    Today I'm going to start three threads, each containing a different model from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    Those who played the game surely remember Kruglov and his team of ecologists. There used to be times when I really loved Kruglov and even made a shitty recolour of cl_suit model to create a HL version of him. So naturally, when I found out somebody ported his model, I was beside myself with joy. It's not that hot anymore, but it's nice to have the cleansuit models in my (still growing) collection.

    I was originally planning to name this thread "Ecologists", but decided not to. Ecologists would mean I'm releasing ALL the scientists, not just the cleansuit ones.
    Little info:
    SSP-99 is the orange suit.
    SSP-99M is the green suit. It's basically an advanced version of SSP-99.

    Again, new idle anims from kim1 model.

    Download here.

    GSC Game World
    The person who ported them

    There's a clipping and stretching problem around the shoulders which I didn't manage to fix. Everything else should be fine.

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    I miss you so much, dear!

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