Hello everyone.
I've finished working on another project for my Sven Co-op Manor Mapping page, complete triggering inputs and outputs reference for most of entities:
I/O Reaction Reference

What is it?
It's a complete list of how entity react on certain trigger type input (On, Off, Toggle and Kill) and list of sending outputs and their trigger state (Target, Kill Target, Fire On Open e.t.c.).

Why I made this?
It provides useful information of how entities behave under different circumstances, and what entities are capable off. It's complement of Entity Guide, which may speed up our work when working with more complex entities and entity sets, you will not need to test certain entities multiple times to see how they really work when receive trigger, or how they trigger it's target. Not all entities works in clear way, some of them can do things not described in entity guide, some keyvalues are not present in FGD.
Nice addition was, that I found some bugs in game engine when testing some of entities.

Have a Nice Mapping!