An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Please be aware that your FOV may be more zoomed out than normal. This is because of an aspect ratio fix particularly for wide screen users. We advise you change your FOV setting to the new default value in your game console as follows:

default_fov 70

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • All components now compile successfully in Linux allowing us to provide an alpha state of the game client.
    • The Linux client is provided literally as is. (We know there will be plenty of bugs.)
    • No official presence on the Steam store will be indicated yet.
    • No official support will be mainstream as this is not considered a finished product at all.
  • Fixed a severe stability issue when the entity count exceeds 2048.
  • Fixed three causes of svc_bad drops.
  • Map Robination is back with a major revise.
  • Map Sector E has been removed by author request.
  • Removed software rendering mode.

Code: Game library

  • Added animation support for env_glow entities.
  • Clamped CVAR default_fov from 50 to 110, with a new default of 70 (not 90) to account for an engine fix.
  • Clamped CVAR sv_zmax (and subsequently gl_zmax) to 4096-16000 to prevent rendering artefacts (with the sky) and performance issues at greater distances.
  • Fixed a crash if a func_tank is removed while being used by a player or NPC.
  • Fixed a crash if a player tries to use func_tankcontrols that points to removed tank.
  • Fixed a crash if too many forced player models are in the list.
  • Fixed a crash when monsters try to calculate the last known position of a breakable door for attack.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a player is killed by the world, or by another player.
  • Fixed a rare crash when looking up an entity reference in utility functions.
  • Fixed a rare infinite loop case when searching through the node graph.
  • Fixed ambient_generic not stopping its sound when killed.
  • Fixed CVAR plugin_list_file being ignored by the server configuration because it was being looked at too soon.
  • Fixed CVAR sv_zmax not being initialised.
  • Fixed exploit with observers entering cheat codes that cause the player's solid to reset, enabling observers to touch objects again.
  • Fixed forced player model not being reverted after a map change.
  • Fixed forced player models list being carried over to next map, and still taking affect.
  • Fixed incorrect box position check for brush entities.
  • Fixed inventory UI not being cleared after a map change.
  • Fixed satchels for disconnected players being left on the ground. (Always attempt to remove satchel charges owned by the player, even if the player doesn't have satchel charges equipped.)
  • Fixed severe lag while dead due to HUD messages being sent every frame.
  • Fixed sky light colour and angle being incorrect due to some server CVARs not being initialised after a map change.
  • Fixed spore effects not being removed, causing a random floating spore to sometimes appear.
  • Fixed stats for disconnected players still being logged.
  • Fixed the view port storing map names in an array that is too small, now matches the engine size.
  • Fixed trigger_random being unable to set the same target index multiple times.
  • Fixed weapons showing their zoomed crosshair when you haven't zoomed in. (Any FOV below 50 is now considered zoomed in.)
  • On-line donor lookups for each player are now throttled to one query every 15 seconds to prevent excessive CPU usage (and thread count) whenever a donor feature is attempted to be used and the query had failed.
  • Removed a ton of redundant code and libraries.
  • Unregistered various CVARs from the game library as they are already registered by the game engine. (Fixes those "already registered" messages in the server console when a map starts.)

Code: Engine

  • All required components now compile successfully for a Linux client to work.
  • CVAR brightness is now 1 by default. (In case you delete your configuration file and it resets to 0.)
  • CVAR crosshair is now enabled by default.
  • CVARs bottomcolor and topcolor are now clamped to range to 0-255.
  • Fixed a crash on the Linux server if a player connects before a map is running.
  • Fixed a crash when gibs are produced due to CVAR r_decals being 0.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at an entity with no model and solid SOLID_BBOX.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the game options due to a null variable.
  • Fixed a crash when passing an invalid game to the game parameter.
  • Fixed a possible crash when checking light styles.
  • Fixed a severe stability issue when the entity count exceeds 2048.
  • Fixed FOV scaling in the incorrect direction, so wide screen users don't get some of their view chopped vertically.
  • Fixed issues parsing the hash '#' character in console commands.
  • Fixed particle effects not always working on Linux servers.
  • Fixed performance issues to due checking CVAR cl_lw constantly.
  • Fixed server UI not showing the map list if its longer than 4074 bytes.
  • Fixed server-side temporary beams (i.e. those produced by the Shock Trooper) having incorrect positions.
  • Fixed three causes of svc_bad drops.
  • Removed a temporary workaround for the client game library being loaded twice. (Proper fix is now in place.)
  • Removed a ton of redundant code and libraries.
  • Removed obsolete CVAR sv_voicequality.
  • Removed software rendering mode.
  • Removed spectator proxy.

Code: Sound

  • Fixed a memory leak when adding a sentence.
  • Fixed global replacement pitch being ignored by monsters if they had a hard-coded pitch.
  • Fixed sound origin not updating correctly when being heard via a camera.
  • Fixed an integer overflow when processing custom materials for footsteps.

Code: Non-playable characters

  • Alien Grunt: Added melee engage distance skill CVAR. (sk_agrunt_melee_engage_distance)
  • Alien Grunt: Added weapon options.
  • Alien Grunt: Berserkers deal 30 damage. (sk_agrunt_berserker_dmg_punch)
  • Alien Grunt: Reduced default alien grunt melee damage to 20. (sk_agrunt_dmg_punch)
  • Voltigore: Increased blast radius warning for NPCs.

Code: Equipment

  • Crowbar: Added unused primary attack animation.
  • Crowbar: Changed animation for throwing the crowbar.
  • Crowbar: Idle animation implemented.
  • Inventory: Fixed a crash when dying with an item selected.
  • Inventory: Fixed item not being destroyed if the collection limit has been reached. (No point in having an item on the floor that can never be collected!)
  • Inventory: Fixed item not being thrown forwards when return time is set to -1 (never).

Code: AngelScript

  • Added a catch-all for ammo entities, so that AngelScript ammo entities can be given to players.
  • Added capability to detect if a map is forcing player models.
  • Added IgnoreConditions() for monsters.
  • Exposed StartTask() for NPCs.
  • Fixed the CVAR as_script_log_max not being taken into account by the AngelScript log.
  • Regular expression functionality now available.
  • Removed a workaround for a crash when trying to create custom entities with CreateNamedEntity. (Proper fix in place.)
  • Removed unnecessary console output regarding player models having a ./ in the path.



  • C09: Fixed getting stuck in the vents between the vats of green goop.


  • The map now starts with a default load out for players. A pistol, an Uzi, batteries, medkit and hand grenades.
  • You must now +use the teleport pad to become the commander.
  • Increased credits on easy to 10000 from 8000.
  • Increased credits on non-easy to 6500 from 5000.
  • Button for the lift to the doctors office is locked during his cut-scene.
  • Adjusted timing in winning cut-scene.
  • Added a trigger_hurt to kill people who get stuck in the weapon room when disconnected.
  • Replaced grate between commander and his SAC-men with bars, so players can see the name of the commander.
  • Made the commander's elevator button more visible
  • Reduced Apache HP on ultra hard to 1200 from 2300.
  • The commander can now call the abort vote when you have less than 500 credits, instead of 100.
  • When you have less than 500 credits, a text and sound occur to inform you of the option of aborting the mission.
  • Blondi now has correct sounds.
  • Survival mode credits increased to 800 from 600.
  • Emphasized that easy mode should be played by beginners.
  • Added a button to show credits for non-commander players.
  • Added various informational signs and lore.


  • Map completely revised.
  • New BSP file name: sc_robination_revised.bsp

Sector E

  • Map removed by author request.


  • Wrench nerfed.


  • Buy Menu: Experimental new script.



  • Updated modelindex to 13 bits for our increased model limit.


  • Added SprGen tool.
  • Added StudioMdl tool.

Hammer Level Editor

  • Added ability to resize various windows.
  • Added model rendering to the 3D view.
  • Added option to export "map" format with floating point co-ordinates. (6 digit precision.)
  • Added option to set a default texture.
  • Added selection box width and height information to the 2D views.
  • Browsing for sound files will now include some non-WAV formats.
  • BSP point files can now be rendered in the 3D view.
  • Double-clicking an object in the 3D view will now open the properties window for it.
  • Fixed 1024 unit grid highlighting not working as intended.
  • Fixed a crash of an entity key name or value is more than 127 characters.
  • Fixed an empty entity been left over when merging two or more brush entities together.
  • Fixed clipping tool not working beyond 16,384 units from zero.
  • Fixed contents of multi_manager not being searchable.
  • Fixed duplicate entity key names not automatically getting an index number suffix.
  • Fixed entity spawn flag descriptions being cut off early.
  • Fixed GL error when closing Hammer while more than one map was open.
  • Fixed latter 12 entity spawn flag check boxes not persisting.
  • Fixed selecting an entity near the edge of the grid causing a huge selection box to appear.
  • Fixed sprites rendering in negative colour when their render mode is set to "color".
  • Including standard prefabs.
  • Increased maximum co-ordinate size to 131072.
  • Increased maximum zoom distance so twice as much can be visible in the 2D views.
  • Maximum 3D back clipping plane increased to match maximum co-ordinate size.
  • Prevented all entity key names being implicitly converted to lower case.
  • Removed full file path of WAD files from the texture bar so only the file name shows.
  • Removed redundant help links.
  • The texture browser can now be scrolled through with the mouse wheel.


  • Custom sprays can be disabled in the player advanced options, or a large cache size can be selected.
  • Default map settings now contains CVAR sv_zmax.
  • Materials file now contains the WAD file and descriptions so it's easier to find the source of the texture.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1213242, dedicated server tool 1213245, SDK tool 1213246.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.