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A crazy dancing animation of Gordon that can be featured in a server lobby as a welcome message.

Installation instructions:

1) Extract the files into svencoop_addon dir
2) In your lobby's map cfg, inlcude the following codes:

mp_dropweapons 0
weapon_welcome 1
map_script weapon_welcome

This will "equip" connecting players with the custom "weapon" which is the welcome animation, for which the drop is disabled and the script for creating the custom weapon is executed, respectively.

You may also need to disable suit and medkit equip using:


3) You will need to create a .gmr file for your lobby map so you can load your custom welcome message. This will be a simple text file with the extension .gmr
In the file, include this code:

"models/v_welcome.mdl" "models/v_welcome_example.mdl"

Save it as .gmr and put it inside the maps dir.
The line on the left is the base model, the right is the customized model, which you can change.

You will then be required to execute this gmr in the lobby's map cfg. To do this, include this code in the lobby's map cfg file:

globalmodellist ../../maps/welcome.gmr

You should be able to see the example welcome animation in the map.

Customizing your welcome message

To make your own custom welcome texture for the animation, simply edit the template.bmp image inside the models dir in a image editor of your choice, ensuring that the image dimensions are 512x512. Then the image must be converted to .bmp 8 bit.

Once done, open the v_welcome_example.mdl in a model viewer such as Half Life Model Viewer and go to the textures tab. Select v2.bmp and then click Import Texture. Find the welcome text you made then save the model, naming it anything you prefer. You will need to amend your .gmr file so as to have the same filename, so if you saved it as welcome_half_life.mdl, the code will be as follows:

"models/v_welcome.mdl" "models/welcome_half_life.mdl"
You can try implementing this feature for the Half-Life lobby map to get started.
Special thanks to Makaber for writing the script

Download: welcome animation.7z