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    Explosive Crate [Custom Weapons] World War 2 Guns

    Taking heavy feedback from my CS1.6 Port to Sven Co-op I present the World War 2 guns from Day of Defeat to Sven Co-op.
    These weapons comes with custom sounds, new sprites made by me and google.
    Complete with BuyMenu script.

    1. Axis:
      1. Luger P08 (weapon_luger)
      2. Mauser C96 (weapon_c96)
      3. MP-40 (weapon_mp40)
      4. Stg-44 (weapon_mp44)
      5. FG-42 (weapon_fg42)
      6. MG-34 (weapon_mg34)
      7. MG-42 (weapon_mg42)
      8. Panzerschreck (weapon_panzerschreck)
      9. Karabiner 98k (weapon_kar98k)
      10. Karabiner 98k with a Scope (weapon_kar98kscoped)
      11. Gewehr 43 (weapon_g43)
      12. Shovel (weapon_spade)
      13. Stielhandgranate (weapon_stick)

    2. British:
      1. Webley Revolver (weapon_webley)
      2. Fairbairn Knife (weapon_fairbairn)
      3. Sten Mk2 (weapon_sten)
      4. Lee Enfield (weapon_enfield)
      5. PIAT Launcher (weapon_piat)
      6. Bren Light Machine Gun (weapon_bren)
      7. Mills Bomb (weapon_mills)
      8. Lee Enfield with a Scope (weapon_enfieldscoped)
      9. Lewis LMG (weapon_lewis)

    3. Americans:
      1. Colt M1911 (weapon_m1911)
      2. Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun (weapon_thompson)
      3. Thompson M3 Grease Gun (weapon_greasegun)
      4. Browning Automatic Rifle (weapon_bar)
      5. M1 Garand (weapon_garand)
      6. M1 Carbine (weapon_m1carbine)
      7. Springfield (weapon_springfield)
      8. M1A1 Bazooka (weapon_bazooka)
      9. Mk.2 Grenade (weapon_grenade)
      10. M1919A4 .30 Cal (weapon_30cal)
      11. M1 Carbine Bayonet (weapon_amerk)

    4. Soviets:
      1. Tokarev TT-33 Pistol (weapon_tokarev)
      2. PPSh-41 (weapon_ppsh41)
      3. Degtyaryov DP-28 (weapon_dp28)
      4. Nagant M1895 Revolver (weapon_m1895)
      5. Mosin-Nagant (weapon_nagant)
      6. Mosin-Nagant PU Sniper (weapon_nagantscoped)
      7. Maxim M1910 Heavy Machine Gun (weapon_maxim)
      8. SVT-40 (weapon_svt40)
      9. RGD-33 Grenade (weapon_rgd33)
      10. PanzerFaust (weapon_panzerfaust)

    Video made by VitorHunter

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. Registering the weapons as plugins (Good for server operators, and most people):
      1. Download the pack from one of the download links below
      2. Extract it's contents inside Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop_addon\
      3. Open up default_plugins.txt located in Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop\
      4. Add these lines to the file:
        		"name" "World War 2 Project"
        		"script" "../maps/ww2projekt/ww2register"
      5. Load any map of your preference;
      6. Type in chat \buy or type in console give *name of the weapon* and enjoy.

    2. Registering the weapons as map_scripts (Good for map makers):
      1. Download the pack from one of the download links below
      2. Extract it's contents inside Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop_addon\
      3. Open up any map .cfg (i.e: svencoop1.cfg) and add this line to it:
        map_script ww2projekt/ww2register
      4. Load up the map you chose;
      5. Type in chat /buy or type in console give *name of the weapon* and enjoy.

    Additionally you can also register a faction at each time by replacing ww2register with one of these 4:

    1. Weapons with a Bipod Attached to it can only be deployed if the player is ducking/crouched.
      I couldn't get the player to always stay ducking and I couldn't get to limit the player's view angles.
    2. It's highly recommended that you use a FastDL for this pack.
    3. The Server does the prediction for the weapons, not the client, you will experience lag issues if you're running these with more than 16 players.
    4. This Pack includes 43 weapons.
    5. It completely uses ammo resources from Sven Co-op (5.56, .357, 9mm, rockets).
    6. Includes a .res file.

    You will not get support if you're trying to run this weapon plugin along with another weapon plugin!

    • Update 1.8:
      ***WORKAROUND: Due to the game not being able to play Schedules in the Holster() functions anymore, a temporary fix is to not let the players drop weapons
      That means you'll not be able to drop the: Mills Bomb, Stielhandgranate, Mk2 Grenade, RGD-33, and the Panzerfaust
      Unfortunately no major changes for this update, other than a rewritten BuyMenu, the workaround, and the sprite fix.
      A major Code rewrite is coming to this pack after 5.16. Stay stunned.

    • Update 1.7:
      -Support for 5.11 API;
      -Added ww2.fgd for mappers (Thanks R4to0!);
      -Added FG42 Bipod Function;
      -Added True Semiauto to all semiauto weapons (Pistols, Revolvers, Semiauto Rifles, FG-42 while scoped)
      -Added 2 new weapons:
      • Germans: C96;
      • British: Lewis;

      -Adjusted insane recoil on Bazookas/Launchers;
      -Adjusted Shell Ejection directions to be more precise, and speed to be more random;
      -Adjusted Shell Ejection timing and origin on Bolt-Action Rifles;
      -Balanced Default Give ammo, to avoid excessive ammo;
      -Changed M1 Garand View Model, and shoot sounds;
      -Changed bullet animations for the MG42 and 30Cal to use Bodygroups instead (This fixes some glitches with the animation);
      -Changed all weapon HUD sprites to use 512x512 files for each faction;
      -Changed Empty Sound to be played in CHAN_AUTO;
      -Fixed all knife/melee related bugs;
      -Fixed bugs related to the 30Cal and Mg42 deploy functions;
      -Fixed Panzerfaust dropping itself too soon on reload;
      -Fixed name conflict with They Hunger's Greasegun;
      -Fixed maximum recursion on grenades;
      -Fixed slight mistake on the M1895 on the buymenu;
      -Fixed being able to cook a grenade while it's not deployed;
      -Fixed Panzerfaust's clip reseting to 0 when dropping it;
      -Grease Gun and M1 Carbine now supports first draw animations;
      -Removed Tracer Rounds from pistols/smgs.

    • Update 1.6:
      -Changed weapon fire rates so that they match the real life weapons;
      -Changed Luger v_model, w_model, and p_model for a more quality one;
      -Updated all weapon's id's usage, so that they could fit without overlaping each other;
      -Fixed FG42's bolt not moving;
      -Increased FG42's Zoom;
      -Changed scoped98k class to kar98kscoped (If you previously ripented a map, just change weapon_scoped98k to weapon_kar98kscoped);
      -Changed Bullet Shells:
      • *Pistols and SMGs uses shell_small;
      • *LMGs and MP44 uses shell_medium;
      • *Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and the FG42 uses shell_large;

      -Increased MG34 magazine to 100 bullets (was 75);
      -Increased 30Cal M1919 magazine to 200 bullets (was 150);
      -Added new reload sound for rifles;
      -Added Dynamic Lighting (shoot for cool lights!);
      -Added Dynamic Tracers (shoot for cool tracers!);
      -Fixed double precache on Webley;
      -Grenades now have their own ammo and will automatically respawn after being picked up;
      -Added new Soviet Weapons:
      • *PPSH-41;
      • *Tokarev;
      • *M1895;
      • *DP-28;
      • *Maxim;
      • *Mosin-Nagant;
      • *Mosin-Nagant PU Sniper;
      • *SVT-40;
      • *RGD-33;
      • *Panzerfaust;

      -Bazooka/Panzerschreck/PIAT have to be manually reloaded now (Panzerfaust as well);
      -Increased damage to 190 in Bazooka/Panzerschreck/PIAT;
      -Added Recoil to the Anti-Tank Weapons;
      -Updated BuyMenu script.

    Dropbox 18.3 MB .7z
    Mega 18.3 MB .7z
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