Thread: [Plugin] ChatBridge (Multipurpose bi-directional chat relaying eg. for Discord/IRC)

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    [Plugin] ChatBridge (Multipurpose bi-directional chat relaying eg. for Discord/IRC)

    This is a multipurpose bi-directional chat relaying script working via simple text files in scripts/plugins/store/. is the Sven Co-op AngelScript part. To actually do cool stuff with this script you need an external application writing to the infile and reading from the outfile.

    Configuration is done in the header of the Script. The options are commented and/or self-explainable.
    The in and outfiles must exist before running the script as there is no checking for that.

    Quick run down on how it works and how it should be used:

    • Any player chat will be printed to g_FromSven using a format of
      • <nickname><STEAM_0:I:D> whole chat line
    • If joinsquits is true the format for joins and quits respectively is
      • + <nickname><STEAM_0:I:D> has joined the game
      • - <nickname><STEAM_0:I:D> has left the game
    • On map start g_FromSven is truncated
    • Any line in g_ToSven will be printed as-is to the chat area (HUD_PRINTTEXT), so do the nessecary formatting the the external application
    • Every delay g_FromSven is flushed and g_ToSven will be read and truncated if there was input
    • After every map change + statusdelay the current map and the current player count is written to g_FromSven too in the following format (example with 12 players)
      • status mapname 12

    Download: scripts/plugins/

    You might want to place this as the very last script in default_plugins.txt to prevent SayText which was already handled by other plugins to end up in there.

    Example of how it can be used (External App being a Perl Discord bot tailing g_FromSven and writing to g_ToSven):

    Line "status arcad2_v 9" sets the status and announces the map, the other lines are normal chat.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1gus.png 
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Size:	79.1 KB 
ID:	17912

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	a.png 
Views:	207 
Size:	65.5 KB 
ID:	17922

    And writing on Discord results in:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2.png 
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Size:	72.7 KB 
ID:	17914

    You can write your own bot or:

    Bonus (DiscordStatus):
    No support for stuff in this section I consider it abandoned.

    If you just want to have the status lines (map name and player count) relayed to Discord, without a real Discord bot you can use the script - it's the one evolved from.

    It utilizes Discord WebHooks and is written in Perl too. It was desigend to have one dedicated channel where every map will be announced and one channel where only map series are announced in a fancier way.
    It's small and can be edited easily, just remove the custom emoji stuff (<:hl:369091257999294464>) those are specific to the twlz Discord server and then create the webhooks and set the two url variables.

    Looks like this:

    for $webhookurl_serverstatus
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3.png 
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ID:	17915

    for $webhookurl_general
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4.png 
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ID:	17916

    (Requires File::Tail + LWP::UserAgent)

    PS: This thread is for and I won't help you developing external applications for it, thats up to you.
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    Re: [Plugin] ChatBridge (Multipurpose bi-directional chat relaying eg. for Discord/IR

    I already wondered when someone would realize they could use a text file to communicate with virtually any API. Very cool application!

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    Re: [Plugin] ChatBridge (Multipurpose bi-directional chat relaying eg. for Discord/IR

    How to install this plugin?

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    Re: [Plugin] ChatBridge (Multipurpose bi-directional chat relaying eg. for Discord/IR

    Do i paste the code from, does the bot automatically run if i do that and how do i keep it online 24/7 without having my computer on?
    I could also host the bot directly from my phone if there is an application to run the code on phone.

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