Thread: From the Vault: Save Sven Trilogy (2001)

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    From the Vault: Save Sven Trilogy (2001)

    Someone brought to my attention that my old map Save Sven (2001) crashed servers. I checked out the map and realised that this was only the first map of the entire 3 map series. So I thought it would be fun to re-release the entire trilogy 'for reals' now including all maps and fixes for the crash problems.

    Mind that these maps were made over 15 years ago. They were made to run on my first generation Pentium (100 Mhz, oh yes!) While looking at the old source files I had to restrain myself from fixing everything. I just fixed leaks so they compiled properly. Back then I learned mapping from a very bad tutorial in the PC Gamer magazine somewhere in 1999. They taught me to hollow boxes to make rooms and then carve them together, hence the dodgy mapping. It's got all the early 2000's SC mapping cliche's such as monsters spawning out of thin air and more!

    So if you're up for a trip down memory lane, give it a shot. I've added Angelscript scripts to include the old HL shotgun and Mp5 so it felt even more like playing something from the SvenCo-op 1.9 era

    Save Sven Trilogy (2001) (3,6 mb)

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    Re: From the Vault: Save Sven Trilogy (2001)


    fixed old link zip

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    Re: From the Vault: Save Sven Trilogy (2001)

    Someone put this on a server. I love playing old ugly maps (no, not joking)

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