An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • Cross-map inventory now works for Internet game servers using fast downloads.
  • Fixed crashes caused by overlapping network messages.
  • Full bright texture support for models.
  • Lots of model and NPC collision box tweaks.


Game library

  • Added mode 6 to "r_drawentities": This will draw the collision bounding box for entities.
  • Added workaround for cross-map inventory not working on servers using fast downloads. (This change only applies to Internet game servers.)
  • Command "myinfo" now shows your entity index, origin, angles, class, authentication ID, and user ID.
  • Fixed crashes caused by bad pointers when initialising multi-player game rules.
  • Fixed crashes caused by network messages from secondary threads, because another message was already in progress.
  • Increased maximum weapons to 128 from 64. (Temporary.)
  • Removed duplicate functionality used when a player disconnects.
  • Reverting some of the force damage calculations to fix some issues with grenade jumping and MADWHACK launches.
  • trigger_camera has a new mouse click action that allows the player to leave the camera, but only if the camera isn't forcing the player to view.
  • trigger_relay has a new flag to pass through the original activator to its target.
  • trigger_teleporter can now make use of inventory rules.


  • Back-ported "r_drawentities" modes 5 (animation bounding boxes) and 6 (collision bounding boxes) to the engine.
  • Flashlights of other players now point to the direction they are looking rather than making a glow around the player.
  • Flashlights of other players should no longer flicker.
  • Implemented the QC flag "STUDIO_NF_FULLBRIGHT". (Textures with the flag specified will draw in full brightness at all times.)
  • Increased maximum weapons to 128 from 64. (Temporary.)


  • Fixed sentence files not being found outside of the primary content folder. ("svencoop")

Non-playable characters

  • Tweaked the collision bounding box sizes of some NPCs so they match their model more closely. The height increases will mean it's harder for players to be cheeky and jump on top of NPCs and bash their head in unharmed. (Not impossible, just harder.)
    • Alien controller: Raised height to 64 from 48.
    • Alien grunt: Raised height to 88 from 72.
    • Gonome: Raised height to 80 from 72.
    • Headcrab: Reduced height to 20 from 24.
    • Sentry turret: Changed to 12x12x56 from 16x16x64.
    • Shock trooper: Raised height to 88 from 72.
    • Tor: Raised height to 88 from 72.


  • Classic mode: Items that are mapped now obtain the "custom respawn delay" and "is not ammo item" values from the item they are replacing.
  • item_inventory: Changed default model to "key.mdl" as it's easier to position in maps.
  • Tweaked collision bounding boxes for collectable items. (This should fix some items sinking into the floor, though ammo entities must still be 16 units away from a wall.)
    • Weapon size: 1 unit cubed.
    • Ammo size: 16 units cubed.
    • Item size: 4 units cubed.



  • Balance improvements.


  • Fixed NPCs not always spawning with a random model body.



  • Crowbar: Fixed missing hand bone in the view model.
  • Desert eagle: Added Norman's updated model proper tritium sights that glow in the dark, minor animation corrections, and improved meshes.
  • Desert eagle: Made the green dots on the iron sight glow in the dark on the view and peewee models.
  • Gauss gun: The "glow" texture now glows in the dark.
  • Gluon gun: Added some green lights to the barrel.
  • Gluon gun: Fixed fidget animation rotating the whole model instead of the lever.
  • Gluon gun: Made the screen/lights on the control panel (right side of model) glow in the dark.
  • Gluon gun: Upped the contrast on the glow overlay.
  • HEV suit: New model based on the player model.
  • Medkit: Added Norman's new weapon with buttons and a screen that glow in the dark.
  • RPG: Monitor now glows in the dark.
  • RPG: Removed the weird fake red light that was cut off on the edge in the original monitor texture.
  • Saw: Adjusted the muzzle flash attachment on player model so that the sprite is outside of the barrel.
  • Security: New model including TFC skins.


  • Clean suit: Fixed unarmed run arm animations being used while holding weapons.
  • Clean suit: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build.
  • Construction: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build, with 100% less UV map shifting and visible seams between necks/hands/feet.
  • Zombie: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build, with 100% less UV map shifting and visible seams between necks/hands/feet.


  • Clean suit scientist: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build, with HD heads/hands.
  • Female assassin: Added full bright to the night vision goggles.
  • Heavy weapons grunt: Added Slartibarty's fixes for the HWGrunt's hands and UV shift errors, and other minigun appearance oddities.
  • Otis: Added Slartibarty's fixes for Otis' UV shifting and texture seam issues.
  • Stukabat: Fixed crashes caused by badly sized textures.
  • Tentacle: Fixed hit boxes caused by badly exported animations.


  • Added some extra prop models for mappers.
  • Deleted many model external texture files of which are no longer used.



  • Added "fullbright" option and all other missing "$texrendermode" texture options. ("nomips", "flatshade", "alpha", and "chrome".)
  • Fixes issues with texture coordinate alignment and improperly resized textures causing texture resolution issues.
  • Removed $cliptotextures and power-of-two texture resizing.
  • Removed -1/+1 math tweaks which appear to have affected texture co-ords.



  • Spore plants now have move type "FLY" (5) by default.


  • Added game icon for Linux.
  • Added a line break to the end of the default plug-ins configuration so the parser is less likely to break.
  • Events: Added M16A2 custom muzzle definition file used by human grunt NPCs.
  • Removed compiler specific textures from barney, nw, and OpFor WADs to prevent conflicts.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1316415, dedicated server tool 1316416, SDK tool 1316417.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.