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    Poke646 / Poke646: Vendetta Co-op [beta 1.2]

    Version: 1.3
    Click here

    Mod by Marc "Term" Schröder / Mindmotor Studios
    Sven Co-op Conversion by Zorbos

    It's here guys. One of the greatest Single Player experiences the Half-Life modding community has to offer, now available for Sven Co-op!
    I want to start by saying that the aim of this project is to stay as true and authentic as possible to the original mods. With that, I hope that people will be enticed to support the developers and try the original works.
    With that in mind, you won't see anything out of the ordinary in this conversion, aside from necessary additions to make the maps playable in co-op.

    Huge thanks to everyone here who has given me tips and advice on how to get some of the AngelScript components working. You know who you are!
    And an even bigger thanks goes out to Mindmotor Studios, without whom these wonderful mods would not exist.

    I saw around the forums that people wanted this to be a thing, and so I decided to take it upon myself since AS allows so much creative freedom in Sven 5.0.
    About a month's worth of busy work and here we are!

    In no way do I claim credit for any of the assets used in these mods. I only take credit for the small amount of assets I made to make this playable in coop.

    • Support for both the original Poke646 mod and it's sequel, Poke646: Vendetta. All maps have coop support, including the Hazard Course!
    • Includes a Lobby map, for easy selection of specific chapters or even random chapters. Great for server map rotations!
    • Includes 10 unique player models based on characters in the mod
    • Scripted weapons which mimic their original mod counterparts. Includes custom HUD icons, ammo icons, and crosshairs!
    • Supports Survival Mode.
    • Supports Player Count weapon balancing. As more players join, weapons are scaled down to compensate, and vice versa
    • Supports Cross Map Inventory. Weapons and ammo are carried across level changes
    • Supports w00tguy's Anti Rush Plugin

    • Original mods by Marc Schröder and Mindmotor Studios
    • Map ripents by Zorbos
    • AngelScript programming by Zorbos, with some scripts being edits of default Sven Co-op scripts. Those scripts are credited to their respective authors.
    • Lobby map by Zorbos
    • Player models are based on several default Sven Co-op player models, which are credited to the Sven Co-op Team and Valve Software. Edits and menu portraits by Zorbos
    • po_c4m5 Anti-Troll script based off of w00tguy's HLSP hl_c11_a3 Anti-Troll Script
    • Survival checkpoint model (+animations) by Zorbos

    The rest of the content used in these mods is credited to Mindmotor Studios.

    7-Zip (.7z)

    Zip (.zip)

    To install, extract to your steamapps/common/Sven Co-op/ folder
    For Dedicated Server operators, add the map "poke646_lobby" to your server's mapcycle.

    Get the original mods here:

    Poke646: Anniversary Edition -

    There is no Xen Squasher in the Poke646 campaign

    Since I have limited knowledge of AngelScript, I couldn't manage to get this weapon working the way I wanted it to. Maybe it'll arrive in a future update.

    There is no Robocop on the Xen level in Poke646 and the last level in Vendetta

    Pretty much for the same reason as above.

    po_c0m2 crashes after loading
    I've noticed this only seems to happen if you LAUNCH your server with this map as the starting map. Otherwise, using the console to change to it or reaching it through normal gameplay seems to work just fine

    The Bow Rifle shoots slow and has an odd projectile angle
    I got stumped on this one for quite a while. Right now the crossbow bolt travels at a velocity of 1000 hammer units/second and if I try to increase it, it begins shooting wildly in random directions. Probably an issue with my vector math. I did notice the default Sven Co-op crossbow seems to suffer from this issue as well though. Furthermore, if you shoot at an upwards or downwards angle, the bolt is ejected facing the wrong direction. The gun still shoots straight however.

    The pipe bombs lose their custom HUD icon after dropping them or after changing maps
    This is because the pipe bombs are really just satchel charges with a custom HUD sprite applied (I don't know how to code a custom satchel in AS yet). The sprite is bound to the entity that spawns the weapon. When you drop it or change maps, this info is lost and the game uses the default satchel charge sprite. Not much I can do about it, but not such a huge deal in the first place.

    Player models are enforced in this conversion.
    If you wish to disable this for any reason, open up a map CFG file and remove the forcepmodels entry

    NOTE: You need to do this for every map you wish to disable pmodel restrictions on.

    - Zorbos
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