An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • Fixed several major issues with They Hunger Episodes 1 and 2.
  • Menu background / music have been restored to the defaults from their Halloween counterparts.


Game library

  • Added ForceItemRemap() method to ClassicMode. When enabled, the game will always perform item (item/weapon) remapping. FindMappedItem() was updated to use this new variable. This is a temporary fix until we can relocate the item remapping functions to the g_Utility interface.
  • Satchels can now be kicked again.


They Hunger (all maps)

  • Forced item remapping to work even when classic mode is disabled. Fixes an issue where players could vote to turn off classic mode, which made NPCs drop regular Sven Co-op weapons with HEV arms instead of the new script weapons.
  • Removed all model replacements for weapons that are replaced by script weapons.
  • Removed all unused weapon modes from map configuration files.

They Hunger Episode 1

  • [TH EP1 04, TH EP1 05] Added clip brushes around a few beams with sloped bottom parts. Should prevent players from getting stuck on them.
  • [TH EP1 04] Added a monsterclip to the window that Otis appears in. Prevents him from running out onto the ground.
  • [TH EP1 04] Made the train not user controlled until after the crash occurs. Fixes an issue where someone could climb onto the train and reverse, getting the train stuck on the initial set of paths and not allowing the train to move forward.
  • [TH EP1 04] Reduced the size of the train user control brush so that you have to stand at the top of the steps to drive the train, rather than anywhere in the booth. Should reduce incidents of trolls forcing the train to not move at all.
  • [TH EP1 05] Fixed players gibbing on respawn during the jail cell outro sequence after being placed in observer mode, an issue which only affected servers where survival mode was turned off.
  • [TH EP1 05] Made the secret door in the church open when the crate blocking it is destroyed.

They Hunger Episode 2

  • [All Maps] Changed all zorks to use "zork.mdl" instead of "hungerzork.mdl". Fixes an issue where servers that have installed the 'Resident Evil: Awakening' map pack override the default model with a hungerzork player model, causing 100% CPU usage when players first encounter the model, making TH EP2 02 unplayable.
  • [TH EP2 00, TH EP2 01] Dead human grunts are now monster_generics to prevent them from making pain sounds.
  • [TH EP2 00] Added trigger_push to fast flowing water in sewer to prevent people from standing under the jump-down spots and causing leg breakage in other players.
  • [TH EP2 00] Rocket tank can no longer be controlled until after Barney gets down from the jeep.
  • [TH EP2 01] Added an invisible func_wall in front of the parking garage window so players can't injure barney with a grenade and break the sequence. Set all three NPCs in the cutscene to classification 'Alien Monster' so that Barney won't attack anyone if he somehow gets injured.
  • [TH EP2 01] Changed Dr. Franklin into a monster_generic so that he won't play 'scared' animations if players fire at the window. Gave him infinite health.
  • [TH EP2 01] Guy who opens the front door to the mansion is now a monster_generic with infinite health. Should prevent people from using/killing him and breaking the door opening script.
  • [TH EP2 01] Hid a sniper rifle in the vent in the water treatment plant.
  • [TH EP2 02] Added Alfred's missing use/un-use sentences.
  • [TH EP2 02] Alfred is now a monster_generic that cannot be used. Fixes a bug where players could break the map by use-spamming him.
  • [TH EP2 02] Changed a trigger behind the door where the second and third zorks break through to "No Clients".
  • [TH EP2 02] Changed the last zork to a squadmaker so that you can't hear him through the walls from the map start.
  • [TH EP2 02] Door to underground lab properly closes when players enter the next area and trigger the forced respawn.
  • [TH EP2 02] Dr. Franklin is now a monster_generic so that players can't repeatedly use him and break the script. Also Gave him infinite health, in case of grenade damage.
  • [TH EP2 02] Electric floor grate outside the laboratory security booth can no longer be turned back on once it is turned off.
  • [TH EP2 02] Fixed gap in the door at the end of the map.
  • [TH EP2 02] Made the door in the parking garage an actual door entity so that the button in the security booth opens it instead of doing nothing.
  • [TH EP2 04] Added more medkits to the room with the truck before the final battle.

Half-Life Campaign

  • [HL C05 02, HL C05; 03] Fixed misaligned floor textures on the platforms lining the inner silo.
  • [HL C07 A2] Fixed missing faces on sloped surfaces above the area where two grunts are having a conversation.
  • [HL C07 A2] Fixed rocket launch control room door closing and sealing players in the launch room.
  • [HL C10] Fixed alien grunts getting stuck in the pods that come out of the floor, which would force the pods back down. Players can also no longer block the pods and force them back into the floor.

Stadium 4

  • Map no longer tries to pre-cache "ospreyt.mdl".

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1447117, dedicated server tool 1447119, SDK tool 1447120.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.