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    BSPEdit V1.7

    DOWNLOAD link:

    This tool can edit entities of each BSP files in clear form.

    This program originally edits Counter-Strike BSP file, and other BSP file from GoldSrc game can be benefited by this tool too.

    Support custom entity created from angelscript scripting.

    If you want to know how entity works, you can see there:

    How to install and use:
    Unzip the rar and place the tool in any folder you like. (CAUTION: Do not install it inside the Steam Folder , or VAC will detect it as intruder program.)
    This is a third-party program.

    Open the "Release" Folder and you can found a dog-like Exe , make a short-link to your desktop.
    Open the dog-like program and browse the folder where the bsp files are.
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