Merry Holidaymas!

We are proud to announce that we are finally releasing They Hunger: Episode 3, the final instalment of the They Hunger series! Explore the zombified countryside of Rockwell and the burned-out ruins of the Asylum, get mauled by zombie chickens and bulls, and stop Dr. Franklin and Sheriff Rockwood from carrying out their plans for world domination!

To play Episode 3, load "th_ep3_00.bsp", or play the series from the very beginning by loading "th_ep1_00.bsp".

If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • They Hunger Episode 3 has been included in its entirety.


Game library

  • Fixed crash during kick-ban vote while player is not connected.
  • Fixed game trying to load "nonexistant.tga" font files on some resolutions like 1366x where the game wouldn't use correct prefix.
  • [Voting] Added highlander style check for administrator level instead of simply checking if the target is an administrator or not. (That means an ADMIN_OWNER can vote against an ADMIN_YES.)
  • [Voting] If a percentage required is less than zero this specific kind of vote is disabled.


  • Added write access to "/store" for both modules.
  • Fixed game crashing when attempting to load directory as a file.
  • Fixed path exploitation where scripts could go back in folders using "../".


  • Recompiled components for Linux to ensure they all share the same constants.


Single Player Campaigns

  • Reverted the removal of ZHLT textures from "barney.wad" and "Opfor.wad" to fix crashing issues in original Blue Shift/Opposing Force maps due to missing hint/skip textures.
  • [HL T00] 9mmAR and M16 are now both available in the shooting range, as well as their respective ammunition types.
  • [Uplink] "Male assassin" snipers dressed up as Human grunts are now named "Human grunt".
  • [Uplink] Added a func_clip to stop monsters from entering the magic seamless teleport elevator since they can't seem to be teleported.
  • [Uplink] Added a new ladder next to the elevator in the dish building for anyone that has a fear of unsafe looking elevators.
  • [Uplink] Added a weapon strip to the starter room to remove medkits from players, after players are moved into the map they will be resupplied with medkits.
  • [Uplink] Added floor grating for the clumsy players who kept getting stuck in a hole, floor grating has a door that only opens when you are exiting the underground area.
  • [Uplink] Adjusted medkit, mp5, and 9mmAR clip placement in red container.
  • [Uplink] Anyone stuck on top of the elevator can free themselves by shooting the button.
  • [Uplink] Changed timing of a wall toggle so gibs from the repelling scene no longer slowly fall down, it can still happen depending if gibs land on each other.
  • [Uplink] Elevator in dish building can now hold 4 - 5 players.
  • [Uplink] Fixed game_player_equip not giving 9mm ammo, also adjusted ammo given to players.
  • [Uplink] Removed the func_clip for the exit of the underground pipe area.
  • [Uplink] Shotgun on weapon rack no longer clips through the wood.
  • [Uplink] Slightly moved a repelling grunt so he no longer lands on the catwalk in the dish building.


  • Removed global model replacement as these aren't needed any more. (Also corrects 2 lines with non-existent files.)



  • [CROWBAR] Added 'candy stick' crowbar replacement for holiday festivities.
  • [V_DISPLACER] Fixed the Displacer's UVs, and fixed the smoothing on the hand.
  • [V_KNIFE] Fixed the Opposing Force knife viewmodel's spindly fingers.
  • [W_HUNGERCROWBAR] Deleted unused 't' model.


Map Scripts

  • [Classic Mode] Added missing argument to Scheduler call. Fixes "CScheduler: could not add function 'StartClassicModeVote', function not found" error message.



  • Added missing spawn flag "Start On" to "func_guntarget".

Game manual

  • Updated credits to reflect the release of They Hunger Episode 3.


  • Added VGUI fonts for 1680x and 1920x resolutions.
  • Fixed Opposing Force / Blue Shift installer's directory search batch file (FindHLDirectory.bat). Installer should now be able to correctly find installation directories for both mods.
  • Game will no longer bind F10 to "quit" by default.
  • Missing models have been removed from the command menu's model selection list.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1540619, dedicated server tool 1540620, SDK tool 1540621.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.