An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • "Abandoned", map by Nih, has been re-added to the game and now features survival mode.
  • Beam entities now support the use of animated sprites.
  • New font settings and sizes for console and in-game title text.
  • Numerous They Hunger and Half-Life map fixes.
  • Several new models by Norman Roger.
  • Text messages now correctly scale with screen resolution.


Game library

  • "Pin removed" sub model is now selected for thrown grenades.
  • [func_breakable] When a breakable fires its targets on break, it will now properly pass the activator instead of the caller to targets fired.
  • [func_door] When a breakable door fires its targets on break, it will now properly pass the activator instead of the caller to targets fired.
  • [monstermaker] Removed random Otis head selection.
  • [squadmaker] Removed random Otis head selection.
  • [trigger_gravity] Added support for inventory rules, as it was accidentally in the FGD anyway.


  • Updated AngelScript to 2.31.2.
  • NetworkMessage::WriteByte() now properly requires unsigned values.


  • Beam sprites can now be animated. The renderer will now read a beam's "framerate" variable from it's state.
  • Changed "_creditsFont" to use "CreditsFont" instead of "Legacy_CreditsFont" so it scales with resolution. (Added "_creditsFontL" for the legacy non-scaling version.)
  • Enabled proportionate setting for font "EngineFontMono".
  • Fixed an issue with resources that contained spaces or parentheses failing to download.
  • Increased path length to 260 from 64 for resources.
  • Updated co-ordinate functions to send coordinates with 24 bits of precision to match the delta list. (This fixes an issue with some engine messages that don't work correctly with large map sizes.)

Non-playable characters

  • NPCs can now properly interact with func_doors that have a master. In the OpenDoorAndWait() routine, the NPC can now query if a door is truly locked.
  • [Baby Gargantua] Eye glow aiment is now cleared immediately on removal. Eye is now turned off / removed when the Baby Gargantua is removed by kill-targeting.
  • [Baby Gargantua] Flame aiment is now cleared immediately on removal. Flames are now removed when the Baby Gargantua is removed by kill-targeting.
  • [Barney] Restored yaw speed for animations to the default. (270.)
  • [Gargantua] Increased yaw speed.
  • [Heavy Weapons Grunt] Fixed issue with NPC dropping multiple miniguns if its "weapon" key was set to an unsupported value.
  • [Pit Drone] Flying spike projectile and emission point spray particles now match the NPC's scale.
  • [Pit Drone] Reduced flying spike projectile's scale to 1.5 and increased bounding box size slightly.



  • Added survival mode with checkpoints.
  • Armor chargers now charge up to 50 armor.
  • Batteries now supply 15 armor.
  • Health chargers now supply up to 50 health.
  • Long jump module respawn time set to 15 seconds.

Blue Shift Campaign

  • Fixed infinite level loading loops in between several maps due to global entity states not being set correctly.
  • [BA_YARD3] Fixed map crash caused by duplicated quotation marks in the worldspawn keyvalue list in ripent.

Half-Life Campaign

  • [All Maps] Set mp_hevsuit_voice to 1 in all HLSP configuration files.
  • [HL_C01_A1] Coffee cup and thermos are now nonsolid. Fixes players getting stuck on them.
  • [HL_C01_A1] HEV suits will now respawn after 30 seconds. Fixes players grabbing HEV suits and disconnecting from the server, preventing others from moving forward.
  • [HL_C02_A1] Added a checkpoint to the hallway after the elevator shaft next to the retinal scanner.
  • [HL_C02_A1] Converted tipped over computer into a func_wall. Fixes missing face on the side.
  • [HL_C02_A1] Fixed orientation of crowbar next to door of locker room.
  • [HL_C02_A1] Healthkit next to scientist performing CPR is now a medkit weapon spawn.
  • [HL_C10] Fixed first alien grunt beating on the glass of its pod after its already been broken.
  • [HL_C10] Fixed first alien grunt freaking out and running in circles inside his glass-faced pod after playing the glass-beating sequence.
  • [HL_C10] Set breakable metal parts on alien grunt tank to "trigger only" so that players can't break it open with their crowbars.
  • [HL_C10] Set the first alien grunt to have melee-only weapons. Fixes him throwing snark nests and shooting hornets into the glass of his pod.
  • [HL_C11_A4] Fixed players being able to shatter the garage door instantly with a crowbar instead of firing a mortar at it.
  • [HL_C11_A4] Garage door now has infinite health until someone walks over to the mortar's use position, at which point the health will be set to 500. Should fix people prematurely blowing open the door with other explosives.
  • [HL_C11_A5] Garage door now has infinite health until someone walks over to the mortar's use position, at which point the health will be set to 200. Should fix people prematurely blowing open the door with other explosives.
  • [HL_C11_A5] Moved checkpoint after vehicle repair shop away from explosive door.
  • [HL_C12] Converted the boulders at the end of the map into func_walls so that players can't walk through them due to clipnode errors.
  • [HL_C16_A2] Fixed broken terrain vertices under the portal at the end of the map.
  • [HL_T00] All gun targets now trigger the corresponding goal lights instantly, instead of waiting one second.
  • [HL_T00] Fixed final gun target not responding to explosives.
  • [HL_T00] Fixed gun target that was moving through crates.
  • [HL_T00] Fixed numbers being lit up at the shooting range before gun targets are damaged.
  • [HL_T00] Fixed two events of duplicate/overlapping text information.
  • [HL_T00] Fixed wall texture behind gun targets being stretched out, which stretched explosion decals.
  • [HL_T00] HEV Suit now respawns after 1.0 seconds.
  • [HL_T00] Incorrect sky is no longer loaded. Map now uses "desert".

Half-Life: Uplink Campaign

  • Added a clip brush to the broken blue container.
  • Added stacked oil drums so that players trapped behind the gate to the dome building can escape.
  • Fixed only one player getting a medkit after the intro.
  • Modified top of elevator shaft in dome building.
  • Moved a trigger to avoid letting players see a scientist and grunt spawning out of thin air.
  • Set "health" of top button of elevator to zero so that it is no longer shootable.

Stadium 4

  • Fixed friendly shock trooper appearing to hold no shockroach.
  • Fixes view being zoomed out too far.
  • Moved the menu cameras closer to the arena.

They Hunger Campaign

  • [TH_EP1] Converted a bunch of wall lights into illusionaries so that players don't get stuck on them in tiny hallways.
  • [TH_EP1_01] Added a clip brush above the upright coffins to prevent players getting stuck in them.
  • [TH_EP1_01] Adjusted clip brushes behind seamless teleports so that it doesn't look like you run into a wall before teleporting on laggy servers.
  • [TH_EP1_01] Moved the spawn point and forced respawn from the tiny hallway after the lake to the graveyard. Fixes players getting spawned in the cramped space and clogging up the hallway.
  • [TH_EP1_01] Placed a clip brush around a lamp post outside the church where players could easily get stuck.
  • [TH_EP1_01] Survival mode is now enabled once players hear the radio announcement in the church, rather than being on at the start of the map.
  • [TH_EP1_03] Fixed a dead scientist that was leaning against air.
  • [TH_EP1_04] Added a checkpoint next to the train depot chimney.
  • [TH_EP1_04] Added a teslagun somewhere.
  • [TH_EP1_04] Fixed a dead scientist that was leaning against air.
  • [TH_EP1_04] Fixed a tree that players could climb into.
  • [TH_EP1_04] Fixed ladder on side of dam that was too tall.
  • [TH_EP1_04] Push trigger at the dam surface door now gets deleted after the door opens instead of launching the first person who walks into it out into enemies.
  • [TH_EP1_05] Added a bare light bulb to the spawnpoint inside of the gas station. Fixes the spawn being pitch black.
  • [TH_EP1_05] Added missing light bulb behind gas station.
  • [TH_EP1_05] Adjusted a ladder brush leading up to the roof of the gas station to be less difficult to use for players who are climbing down.
  • [TH_EP1_05] Downsized the size of the train controls brush for the police car so that you have to be inside of it to drive. Fixes players driving the car while sitting on top of the car.
  • [TH_EP1_05] Made the church secret room door open in the opposite direction. Fixes players getting trapped behind it.
  • [TH_EP2_00] Added an invisible wall between players on the ground and the jeep, which gets deleted when Barney is pushed off the jeep. Prevents people interfering with the RPG launcher before it fires.
  • [TH_EP2_00] Added the missing Episode 2 title text.
  • [TH_EP2_00] Upped speed of push of the sewer waterfall from 300 to 400. Fixes players being able to stand at the bottom of the waterfall and injure falling players.
  • [TH_EP2_01] Moved the checkpoint on the island closer to the bridge so that it cannot be skipped.
  • [TH_EP2_01] Widened the entrance to the air pocket room in the underwater tunnel. Fixes players getting clogged in the entrance and drowning.
  • [TH_EP2_02] Fixed players being able to trigger the elevator while it is moving and stopping it in mid-air.
  • [TH_EP2_03] Added an invisible wall in front of the skeleton tank to prevent people from throwing grenades at it.
  • [TH_EP2_03] Reduced the damage on a shortcut door in the office complex so that it doesn't instantly gib people.
  • [TH_EP2_04] Reduced the damage of a few of the trigger_hurts for flames that come out of the floor. Players will be less likely to die while progressing through the map.
  • [TH_EP3_00] Clipped off the front of the ambulance to prevent players getting stuck.
  • [TH_EP3_00] Fixed a wall with a missing face by the nature trail entrance.
  • [TH_EP3_01] Added a force-spawn to the crashed helicopter area for players who are super far behind (likely trapped in the water at the train crash).
  • [TH_EP3_01] Fixed two walls that were non-solid.
  • [TH_EP3_02] Added a fourth spawn point just before the giant bullsquid.
  • [TH_EP3_02] Fixed a giant seam in the cliffs at the giant bullsquid.
  • [TH_EP3_03] Added an env_sound set to "normal" with radius of 256 at the first exit from the asylum to reset the echo effects from the ducts if they happen to be stuck on for some players.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Added a few melee weapons near forced respawns and checkpoints just in case people get revived or respawn without any weapons under rare circumstances.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Added a weapon_medkit and weapon_colt1911 to the basement of the house by the lake, just in case anyone doesn't pick them up at stonehenge. Also added a trigger for the equip entity here, so respawning players receive these weapons.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Added invisible wall to the breakaway rubble at the helicopter battle to block people from hopping it before the helicopter is destroyed.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Converted a bunch of monsters after the apache battle into squadmakers. Should fix problems with them facing the wrong way and not attacking anyone due to their "WaitTilSeen" flag.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Made dying civilian in cell a gagged prisoner, and set his scripted_sentence to "no interruptions". Fixes players interrupting his speech.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Non-zombified human grunts now all have the "human military" classification and will attack zombies, who are set to "alien monster".
  • [TH_EP3_04] Probably fixed numerous cage doors at the end of the map clipping into walls.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Switched a crate that spawned a pipe wrench to spawn a 357 instead.
  • [TH_EP3_04] Train hatch now deals 25 damage when blocked. Prevents players intentionally holding it open.
  • [TH_EP3_05] All civilians (scientists) that are killed during the intro can no longer be revived.
  • [TH_EP3_05] Fixed spawn point at start of map being stuck on. Also fixes players getting forcespawned at the start of the map instead of moving forward.
  • [TH_EP3_06] Fixed players being able to climb down and trigger the helicopter elevator sequence before the hatch is even opened.
  • [TH_EP3_06] Fixed the helicopter rotor/parts not moving with the helicopter as the lift moves up in some rare instances.
  • [TH_EP3_06] Made the door to the ammo room at the helicopter silo trigger open and stay open when the "hatch open" sequence is triggered for the first time.
  • [TH_EP3_07] Changed The Butterman to TheButterman and GeckonCz to GeckonCZ in the credits.
  • [TH_EP3_07] Gave the sheriff helicopter monster an in-game name (Sheriff Rockwood) so that players who are killed by it aren't killed by "monster".



  • [Crowbar] New crowbar model. View model by Ambient.Impact, with improved HEV arms by Norman Roger. World model and textures by Norman.
  • [Gluon Gun] View model now has improved HEV arms.
  • [Grenade] New grenade model by Norman Roger. View model now has improved HEV arms. World model now has sub-model with no spoon for thrown grenades.
  • [Medkit] Fixed a gap between the defib cover and the view model body.
  • [Medkit] Fixed orientation so that that strap points in the same direction as the LD model. Also added a sub-model with the strap folded for mappers to use.
  • [Medkit] Front of player and world model looks more like the view model. Back has been redone.
  • [Medkit] Minor texture and smoothing edits to the view model.


  • [Headcrab] Added more LD-like headcrab. Original model by Ambient.Impact, model and texture edits by Norman Roger. Model also includes previously missing Opposing Force animations.
  • [Holo] Added Romka's HD holo.mdl for use in the Hazard Course.


Survival Mode

  • [Checkpoints] Changed checkpoint movetype from MOVETYPE_FLY to MOVETYPE_NONE. Fixes problem where func_tracktrain, trigger_push and other entities were able to move checkpoints.
  • [Survival] Added "survival_start_on" CVAR that can be used to delay activation of survival mode until Activate() method is called. Default value is "1", so no change is needed for existing maps.
  • [Survival] Added another check for living players right before change level call (that's also when the retry counter is decreased now). Fixes map restarting even though someone may have been revived by an NPC or through cheats.
  • [Survival] Added RetriesDepleted() helper function + few other minor tweaks.

They Hunger

  • [Parachute Grunt NPC] Made the implementation more robust. This should also fix the occasional SetBodygroup() crash.
  • [Sheriff Helicopter NPC] Updated relevant parts of the script to match SC apache implementation. Disabled bleeding. Made DyingThink() less expensive.
  • [Weapon_Teslagun] Fixed glitches that would allow the weapon to fire the charged beams after being Holstered/dropped.
  • [Weapon_Teslagun] Fixed the charge sound playing after being holstered/dropped.
  • [Weapon_Teslagun] Increased the charge timer, to 4 seconds (was 3.2).



  • "Is Player Ally" dropdown list for NPCs that are enemies by default now says "No (Default), Yes" instead of "No, Yes".
  • "Is Player Ally" dropdown list for squadmakers and monstermakers now says "Default (0), Opposite (1)" instead of "No, Yes".
  • Added monster_sitting_scientist to TalkMonster class.
  • Default "health" keyvalue of doors is now 0 instead of 1.



  • Added "framerate" to the list of networked variables for beams.


  • Client schema: CreditsFont is now "Ariel". Console font is now "Courier New".
  • Client schema: Reduced size of "CreditsText" so it isn't so overpowering.
  • Opposing Force / Blue Shift installer's directory search batch file (FindHLDirectory.bat) should no longer fail if the Steam installation path obtained from Registry includes white character(s) and is not closed in quotation marks.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1583289, dedicated server tool 1583292, SDK tool 1583293.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.