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    Modified version of VHLT 34 with studiomodel shadows supporting

    A new version of VHLT 34 modified by Unkle Mike contains:

    Scalable lightmaps per brush, or regulating subdivide step per prush. You can set global lightmap parametr in the worldspawn properties, or do it individually, by making target brush (or some of them) as func_group, if this is world brush, or adding special field if group of brushes already an entity (but this feature only works under Xash3D latest version).

    Major feature of modified version for GoldSrc engine is studiomodel shadows. This works with some restrictions:

    Model takes light from floor, so if on floor will be shadow (darker lightmap) that can shadow all model. If model too dark - use "effect 16" trick for lighting model from ceiling.

    Now Xash3D working properties.

    For brushes:

    zhlt_texturestep - defines count of texel per luxel. 2-64 max. 2 gives to you maximum resolution, 64 will looks like vertex lighting.

    zhlt_maxextent - subdivide step. 8-128 max.

    Working in couple with zhlt_texturestep, so subdividing calculates as simple formula:
    (zhlt_texturestep * zhlt_maxextent) - zhlt_texturestep

    Example for Half-Life:
    (16 * 16) - 16 = 240;

    Example for BSP31
    ((8 * 64) - 8 = 504;

    Final value shows subdivide step. Simple to suppose, than less subdivides than less polygons and more speed of level drawing. In Half-Life does not works, works in Xash, will work in XashXT and Paranoia after updating.

    Properties for models:

    In Xash shadow from models turned on automatically. For all other mods haves parameter zhlt_studioshadow (0\1). Main thing is entity must contains path to model in model field. You can also make monster drop shadow, but remember: monster gone - shadow will stay. zhlt_shadowmode (0\1\2). Quality balance\speed of computing. 1 as default value. For models with transparent textures use 1, because shadows from solid textures exist only in that mode. Mode 0 is lowest, 2 highest. Quality also depends from lightmap resolution, but for GoldSrc users it's not available.

    Another solutions:

    1.Accelerating of HLCSG work (planes hashig)

    2.Landscapes supporting (for future version of Paranoia2 and Xash only). Unusable now, but already works.

    3.Source-look progress bar.

    4.Supporting of world transparent water (turned off now, because make RAD crashes with off HLRAD_WATERBLOCKLIGHT)

    Sources of the current version of compilers will be availible to download after wide testing (probably you a little help with?)


    As i say, here is x64 version of compilers with sources (included in archive). The main difference compare with 32-bit is: you can forget about the out of memory error (the 2 GB limit is overcome). In vhlt_goldsrc folder you can find a full compatible versions which will works with Half-Life or Xash. In vhlt_xash compilers only for Xash (exe's contains a number "31" in names), and compilers which will works in theory on HL and Xash (number "31" in name). Anyway Xash can use additional possibilities like deluxe map, more realistic lighting for models, ambient cubemaps etc. No guarantees that maps which will compiled with a 30-th version always will works on GoldSrc. For example: changing lightmap resolutions will kill compatible. In other words, this tricks for expirienced users who understands what they doing, carefully tests they work, and wants that map use possibilities of both engines at maximum. x32-x64 - is versions for same type of system. Also compiling time on 20% shorter now for x64. Enjoy!

    Download links:

    UnkleMike's ZHLT example
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