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    Explosive Crate Gearbox HEV long hands.

    Version 1.015

    • Fixed somehow broken muzzleflashes.
    • Fixed broken thumbs in Shotgun, Crossbow and Medkit animations.
    • Updated grenade viewmodel to SC 5.11 version (fixed pinpull animation).

    This pack contains:
    • All normal SC weapons, that have hand meshes.
    • Gearbox 9mmAR and Shotgun models for HL classic mode.

    Optional models:
    • SC4 hand grenade and crowbar.
    • HD Satchel
    • Satchel radio with glow button.
    • HD Beretta and Glock.

    • JfreemanW75 - Inspiration.
    • The303 - Remapping tutorial.
    • Romka, Ambient.Impact - HEV gloves, player mesh parts, textures.
    • h4wk, Rimrook - Additional HEV textures.
    • Gazyi - HEV arm parts meshes.
    • SC team - Standart SC weapons + old versions.
    • Gearbox - Classic SPAS-12, M4A1.
    • Qwertyus - Tripmine model with glow.
    • Joebama - HD Opposing Force knife.
    • Schmung, Fub - New M249 Stock.
    • SureShot, Flamshmizer, Twinke Masta - HD Beretta.
    • Bullet_Head, Stoke, Done2death, BlackFire, Kimono - Glock.
    • ? - Satchel with HD textures.

    Showcase here
    Download here

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Another bonus: Romka's Kate player model with remapped colors.

    Any C&C and additional help will be appreciated.
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    Re: Gearbox HEV long hands.

    holy ****, i was waiting for this, thank you so much

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    Re: Gearbox HEV long hands.

    Great package, love it so far, you seem to have forgotten to include the rpg model in the file
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    Re: Gearbox HEV long hands.

    Quote Originally Posted by Critex View Post
    Great package, love it so far, you seem to have forgotten to include the rpg model in the file
    Thanks for notice. Uploaded updated archive.

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    Re: Gearbox HEV long hands.

    Thank you so much for this, I've been waiting for something like this for a while, I always hated how inconsistent the arms were, now they are all right.

    I do hope to see more weapons but on these arms, hell maybe just take some old hl1 skins and remake them for sven on these arms.

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    Re: Gearbox HEV long hands.

    Any chance of getting the original half-life/op4 and gearbox hd weapon models on these awesome looking hands?
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