Most of our players have been fan of Half-Life since the very beginning and stuck with us through all these years. Even though Sven Co-op has changed over the years, we always intended to stay faithful to Half-Life. Many of our players enjoyed our "Classic Mode" plug-in, which brought the game closer to the original experience of 1998.

But why stop there? What if we could offer our players an even more original game experience? How could we add more "Classic" to our already "Classic Mode"? Today we are introducing "Classic Classic Mode"!

What is "Classic Classic Mode"?

"Classic Classic Mode" (or CCM for short) is a new mode which brings you the original gameplay of Half-Life the way Valve intended before the release of Half-Life back in 1997! Get a piece of this blast from the past and enjoy the feature-rich environments of the original alpha version! But don't just take my word for it: watch actual in-game action in the video below!

How does "Classic Classic Mode" work?

When entering the server a player can launch "Classic Classic Mode" by simply typing "IDCLEV". The game will then restart the map in "Classic Classic Mode"! It will automatically resync with clients running the regular version so your transition to "Classic Classic Mode" will always be seamless. Note, however, that "Classic Classic Mode" only features 1 player model (Ivan the Spacebiker), so it might be harder to distinguish one player from another. Also note that "Classic Classic Mode" only contains the crowbar, pistol and SMG, so other weapons won't be available to you. And don't forget that the "Classic Classic Mode" only has 5 different enemies (including friendly NPCs). All other monsters will not be displayed in this version. Also, the level-format of "Classic Classic Mode" doesn't allow maps to be as large as the modern version of Sven Co-op, so only a few portions of the map will be available to you as a player of "Classic Classic Mode". You also won't be able to see certain effects or hear certain sounds and the AI for the friendly units is unfinished and thus can't be used. Reloading will not also work. Monster AI is mostly broken. Crosshair aiming is way off. There might be rendering glitches and maps will most likely spontaneously crash. But all of this is just nit-picking to the real Half-Life purist!

"Classic Classic Mode" will be included in our April 1st update on Steam!