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    Sven Co-op Even More Classic Mode

    Earlier today, we announced the release of "Sven Co-op Classic Classic Mode". Just as we wanted to press the release button on Steam, our Twitter alert went off and we received the following message:

    Tweet from John Romero

    Our entire staff was star struck! John Romero (great father of the FPS-genre) himself responded to our plans! And he didn't like them. If a legend like John commands something then you answer immediately. So we cancelled the launch of the Half-Life Alpha remake, started working right away and went even more Classic! Below you can see our first test build of our new "Sven Co-op Even More Classic Mode"!

    Sven Co-op Even More Classic Mode - Preview 1 Sven Co-op Even More Classic Mode - Preview 2

    This version will take you even further back to 1993 when the first build of Doom was released! Our 1997 edition already had lots of awesome classic features but this new plan will be even more spectacular. Just some of the perks:

    • Even lower resolutions! (320x200)
    • Runs on a 486 with 25 mHz!
    • MS-DOS support! (if you can find a Steam release for MS-DOS)
    • Everything is 8 bit!
    • Maximum of 4 player co-op mode for even more focussed gameplay!

    With such an impressive list of classic features we are certain our fans will appreciate us moving on to this new project instead of spending more time on the previous one.

    Expected release date for "Sven Co-op Even More Classic Mode" is 1st of April 2018!

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    Re: Sven Co-op Even More Classic Mode

    Pff, it's not classic enough:

    Here we go again

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