Thread: Monster waypoints and base schedules?

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    Question Monster waypoints and base schedules?

    I'm trying to re-create the bullsquid so I can have a slightly modified bullsquid for a map.

    I've been having to re-write a bunch of functions from the HL sourcecode and in one of them I've hit a snag (well, one of many snags):

    void CBaseMonster :: RouteSimplify( CBaseEntity *pTargetEnt )
    WayPoint_t	outRoute[ ROUTE_SIZE * 2 ];	// Any points except the ends can turn into 2 points in the simplified route
    Neither WayPoint_t nor WayPoint is defined.

    Also, how do I access base schedules?

    Schedule@ GetScheduleOfType( int Type )
    	switch( Type )
    		case SCHED_RANGE_ATTACK1: return slRangeAttack1;
    	return BaseClass.GetScheduleOfType( Type );
    slRangeAttack1 is in the AS docs but I don't know how to access it so I had to redefine it.
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    Re: Monster waypoints and base schedules?

    The navigation functions aren't available for scripts last I checked. You pretty much have to rewrite everything from scratch if you want a fully functional monster. I remember some critical parts of the schedule code aren't available either (or just don't work), making schedules unusable altogether.

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