Hey everyone, I wish to have experience of angelscript and but I don't known how does Angelscript work under Sven Coop with RightClick of Mouse?

GC = Gunman Chronicles and NS = Natural Selection.

Are you sure if Sven Coop doesn't have VGUI-parser for angelscript like Welcome with information screen.
Looks like
-> Counter-Strike Player-Switcher since join server than screen will shows and decide to terrorist or counter terrorist. OR Half-Life Rally Select your favorite car!
-> Current teleport to aliens or player for NS
-> Gunman Chronicles's weapon-menus via right click of mouse.

Is it possible for Sven Coop? If not than we need wait for next release with advanced parsers with VGUI or in-game-screen supports.

Are you sure for advanced mode like real features of NS, HL-Rally, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Class or other multiplayer-mods into Sven Coop?

Do you think - I am crazy or not yet? Just I want know if we have features of Sven Coop.

Thanks for understandiong and sharing!

Sorry for my bad English!