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    GoldSrc Mod Discs

    Hey all,

    Remember back in the day when digital distribution wasn't the same and one could buy mods on disc?

    If anyone has photos of those discs, or the names of any of the physical copies that were available please share them here!

    I'll start with one I found the other day:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: GoldSrc Mod Discs

    I don't recall ever seeing one of those. I can't seem to find ANY mention on google of these type of CDs.. how did you get it? We're these black market goods?

    Back in the day I got most of my mods from game magazines cover CD's. That's how I found SvenCo-op
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    Re: GoldSrc Mod Discs

    Dude, id LOVE to see some of the stuff on those disks. Ive heard of one that i cannot remember the name that had a bunch of HLDM playermodels. Also there apparently were a lot of wierd bootleg Russian mod ones Id be dying to see but have only seen some images online of it.

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    Re: GoldSrc Mod Discs

    Discs like this were made by people to sell at computer fairs and the like so they're not really a good thing as they were distributing and making profit off other peoples work... in all honesty though they were an interesting part of the early days, they helped teen fools like me with limited online access get a bunch of mods and maps without having to wait weeks to download! I usually did the same as Hezus though, PC mag discs ftw.
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    Re: GoldSrc Mod Discs

    I got a 5 disk retail pack, it had a CD with the Valve Mod day stuff on it like Wanted HL.
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