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    Post The Journey of Ulysses Upwood

    May 21st 200-
    Three days after the resonance cascade
    Ulysses Upwood, Former Black Mesa security guard

    These last three days have been nothing but chaos and destruction. When those monstrosities from Xen invaded, we were able to fight them off. Then something different came, something more powerful. These new monstrosities they came and they came in more numbers, but they had weaponry for surpassing ours. When it started, the invasion, they came, they saw, they conquered. There was nothing but carnage. But lets go to the beginning of the story back in Black Mesa.

    May 18th 200-
    6:00 AM, Black Mesa Research Facility, Sector E-2 Advanced Biological labs

    When I arrived at work I met Professor Holger in the hall as he walked to his lab. "Hello Professor Holger." "Hello Ulysses, don't dally to long. I heard that they are moving your position to a new guard post". "Thanks for the Info, i'll see you later Professor." "Alright goodbye Ulysses". An interesting man that Holger. (here is the story behind him ). I proceeded to walk to my check point. "Ah, Ulysses, you are being moved to the high security arsenal. Your objective is to receive a new shipment of weapons. They are coming in at 7:15. GET GOING" "Yes sir". That Was my supervisor, he could compete with marine drill sergeants. After I got to the high security arsenal in Sector E-2, I was greeted by a chart being shoved into my hands. "My name is Logistics Officer Brown, You are going to be looking after the men receiving the shipment. Try not to let anyone steal a shotgun will you"? Thirty minutes of loading later, and my team and I finally finished the unloading endless flow of 9mm pistols and Shotguns among other things. By this time it is 8:52 and I had just been given orders to stay in Sector E-2 ordnance storage. So, now that there isn't much to do so I struck up a conversation with the head adviser in this section. "Well, it seems I will be here for a while, so why don't we get to know each other?" "Ah yes,well, my name is Eugene Klaxon Summerset the 19th" "Uh huh, well my name is-" I was cut off by a rumble, then a second lager one. The lights cut out and the emergency power kicked in. "What in the name of Eugene Klaxon Summerset the first was that?" I proceeded to look at Eugene in utter amazement of what that he had just said. After I got over my dumbfoundedness, I said over the alarms blaring "Well whatever it was we better find out quickly". I ran over to the door to the hallway outside of the windowless room that I was in and opened it. I looked down the hall to see a glowing green and orange ball appear down the hall to the left and an alien of sorts appearing from it. At this I stuck my head back into the room closed the door and locked it as swiftly as I possibly could. "Eugene, do not open the door, if you want to know why look at the camera feed". running past Eugene I grabbed a shotgun and shells, as I did this he screamed. I looked behind me and I saw that he had just looked through the camera. "That's what I was talking about. Now, grab a gun". We both armed up, luckily, we had quite the selection of weapons. I grabbed a Spas-12 shotgun, enough shells to last one man a week, and an additional 9mm pistol. After which I also grabbed a 50. caliber desert eagle. There was a pounding at the door. I looked through the camera to see a scientist at the door, however he was being chased by to other scientists with things on their heads. They did not look entirely human. I swept across the floor and unlocked the door, the scientist fell into the room as I closed the door behind him.

    Now, a sigh of relief came out of the scientists mouth. He rolled over on the floor so that he was facing upwards. "Hello." I say. "Hello, I suppose I should start with my name. My name is Ryan Kellog. I am a researcher for the biodome. I was on my way to the storage area, then this happened. I know what these things are just let me explain". After quite a tad of explaining he says that these monsters are from a border world called Xen, and that they are coming here because of a resonance cascade. While we were speaking there was a banging on the door constantly. Finally Eugene opened the door without asking and was befallen by a "Zombie". This, thing, this monster tore Eugene limb from limb tearing into his body like a shark into a school of fish. The screams, they were so terrible. They filled the room like the call of a banshee. The lights flashed red illuminating the the room in parts, but not as a whole. However I knew I had to take action against this thing. I held up my Spas-12 and fired relentlessly into the "Zombie's" open guts. Finally the "Zombie" dropped dead, it took six of my shotgun shells, but I still had another one to deal with. It shambled into the room, however I was faster, I took out my 357 Magnum and fired were the head would be. Yellow, what looks like the alien equivalent of, blood and human brains splattered all over the wall behind it. The creature fell backwards into the doorway and laid there. Eugene was still on the ground wheezing and moaning. I moved the body of the "Zombie" out of the doorway into the hall, then I said "Eugene, do you want to be put out of your pain"? He slowly nodded as tears came to his bloody eyes. I pointed my 357 at Eugene's head, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. The shot echoed throughout the now closed room. "Well, I suppose we have to gear up and try to rejoin the other members of the science team." Ryan proclaimed. "Yes, let me get you into the armory." I showed the scientist into the armory and he armored himself and then took a 9mm pistol saying "This is all I can handle". I grabbed some more ammunition and shotgun shells and put them in my pockets. The scientist showed me where the rest of his team was hiding out. Before we left he made some crude drawings of some of the aliens and told me to watch out for them. He also showed me what they do to attack. These monsters, they are so intriguing yet, murderous. After this conversation was over we got ready to head out.

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    Nice, this is pretty good.

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    Thanks for sharing

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