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Oh wait you mean for faked light thrower like Unity 3D. I saw sometimes Game Dragon you know emission-light on model without entity light and model csn throw real light. I think Half-Life Engine forgets method STUDIO_NF_EMISSIONLIGHT.
Yeah I don't think Half-Life had light projecting models.

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As for "MipMap" and "Alpha" those ive been told were present in code but non-functional / incomplete or just a cut feature. I talked with sniper about "Alpha" and eventually It will function in a later update at some point but no ETA. Thing to note that it is not standard 8-bit Alpha channel image but rather the "IndexAlpha" mode which is already used for map decals and "indexalpha" sprites. Basically the image itself is the greyscale mask with the final index as the "color" its masking. So pretty much soft edge transparency however only with solid color and not a base image. Example here.
Right, makes sense.
I guessed that alpha was probably like indexalpha but I guess it wouldn't have been that useful (initially) compared to the transparency that was eventually released with Day of Defeat.