Thread: env_beam "Ring" spawnflag issue

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    Question env_beam "Ring" spawnflag issue

    See thread title.

    I downloaded the sprite example map from The303's outstanding sprite tutorial. On page 6 of this tutorial, there's an animated GIF near the bottom that shows the beam ring in action.
    If I play the map, however, the beam ring doesn't show up - neither in Sven Co-op, nor in Half-Life.

    If I change the spawnflags from 9 ("Start On" & "Ring") to 1 ("Start On"), the beam shows up (as verified in Half-Life). The entity setup looks fine.

    I just checked in the Half-Life intro real quick: The actual beam ring there still works (screenshot) so the problem must be something else. Any tips?

    Edit: Changing spawnflags from 9 to 8, so that the beam ring starts off, and then manually triggering it, worked O_o...
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    Re: env_beam "Ring" spawnflag issue

    Yeah I've heard about ring beam problems for a long time, encountered them on a map I'm making. One of the weird things is that the points of the beam must be brush model entities, point entities won't do.
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