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    Standard Crate New HEV & Health Charging stations.


    It's been forever since I released something in those forums for the last time. I've been really busy with real life, as usual.

    This time I would like to share my new HEV/Health chargers/stations with you:

    They were originally intended to be used in a personal project of mine, but being too busy, I decided to release them for everyone to use!

    Sven Co-op is a community based game, in which most of the content has been created and provided by the community.
    So I hope this little something will motivate some of you to create even more content for the game.

    The models are provided with a test map and it's .rmf file, so you can simply copy/paste the chargers into your maps with ease.

    Credits are included into a readme file, I expect you to make sure they will included in your creations.

    Thank you, and have fun.
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