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    Explosive Crate Huge members pack (v3 Updated)

    Huge Community Members NPC Pack v5 by Garompa

    Updated v5 (14/09/18)
    v5 features:
    - Updated some models from v4.
    - Added new NPCs for the new ranked members on discord.
    - A total of 243 NPCs

    What is this?
    I've taken inspiration in the avatars or names and created 243 NPCs each one based on the most important members in the Sven Coop community from the official credits and the discord server (as well as some requests).

    I've also made them the way they are as I'll be using them in some future, and thats why I have created a little "lore" section in the readme that may explain why some look like they do or why they exist (if you are into that).

    The work was so big, and the amount of npcs so huge that I had to share it for everyone, remember you can use this in whatever way you like, feel free to share, host links, use or modify this work if you want, just remember to give credits, not exactly to me but to all the people that made the original models. If you can find them all I'll give you a cookie. But for the most part many of the authors are simply unknown. Anyways I've tried my best to gather a list of credits:

    Norman, DGF, Trusty Crowbar, zikshadow, AleKK, TheZxenoProphet, w00tguy123 (Link model),
    Unzumutbar (various robots), CyborgParrot (Carnivores model), mrbond123 (Kroenen playermodel),
    Rusty (his own model for his own self as an NPC)

    Toadie, Valve, Gearbox, Unzumutbar (some robots' animations)

    Norman, Rusty, DGF, AleKK, Swaggletooth, Trusty Crowbar, zikshadow

    Compile, fixes and redistributor:

    many thanks to KernCore, DNIO071, Orphanage, Zode, H2Whoa, TheButterman, Admer456, AleKK
    for ideas, requests, support and knowledge

    and of course the rest of the SC team and community

    Download v5 Here:

    Important notes:
    - The model for Derpyhsi is kind of a placeholder as the author of the doge soldier model doesn't seem to be fond of sharing it.
    - The image I shared is from version 1, showing 150 npcs only and many of them have been fixed or completely replaced!

    Check the link here to see screenshots of all the NPCs:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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